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All Scene Entertainment Festival Preview-Liss Victory Interview

Liss Victory performed at the inaugural All Scene Entertainment Festival in 2014 as Life(Liss) and the Graveyard Orchestra, but has since moved on from that persona. Liss will be performing this Saturday the 8th from 5:50-6:35 at the small group [...]

August 4, 2015 Interviews, Local Artists, Upcoming Shows

Nathan Zoob and Friends Pay Tribute to the King of Blues

Photos by Randy Jarosz Last Friday Nathan Zoob of Pittsburgh band, Wreck Loose led a tribute to the king of the blues, BB King. Zoob hand picked some top local talent and brought a spark to the opening night of [...]

July 29, 2015 Concert Reviews, Festival Reviews, Interviews, Local Artists

Black Masala – Interview with Mike Ounallah

Many Pittsburghers were wowed by Black Masala back in March with Bastard Bearded Irishmen for their St. Patrick’s Parade Day Concert. They are back in town tonight for a headlining show at Thunderbird Cafe at 9pm. Check out their bio [...]

July 18, 2015 Interviews, Upcoming Shows

Deutschtown Music Festival Preview – Jay Wiley of The Hawkeyes – Interview

Jay Wiley describes his band, The Hawkeyes as, “Straightforward, honest and passionate rock n roll. We’re very proud to be from Western, PA  and we enjoy channeling that heritage and work ethic into our songwriting and performances. We like to [...]

July 9, 2015 Interviews, Local Artists, Upcoming Shows

Deutschtown Music Festival Preview – Emily Rodgers – Interview

Photo by Todd Michael Sherman Last year during the 2nd annual Deutschtown Music Festival, Emily Rodgers Band performed at HughShows 10.7 at Eide’s Entertainment in the Strip District, for the year long celebration of music blogger Hugh Twyman. She did [...]

July 8, 2015 Interviews, Local Artists, Upcoming Shows

Deutschtown Music Festival Preview – The Chiodi Trio – Interview

The Chiodi Trio will be opening the Wigle Whiskey Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden (1055 Spring Garden Ave.) at 12 PM. The outdoor all ages venue will be hosted by Hugh Twyman of HughShows music blog. Check out our interview below [...]

July 6, 2015 Interviews, Upcoming Shows

Multi Instrumentalist Dhruva Krishna Interview

Dhruva Krishna is a multi-instrumentalist who mixes country, folk, pop and classical Indian music elements to create an eclectic mix of songs. He performs as a solo musician, and also collaborates with a variety of artists as a songwriter and [...]

May 25, 2015 Interviews, Local Artists

MOIP Release New Single On Wild Kindness, Flexi Vinyl

Meeting of Important People The Van Allen Belt Moran Erina Andy Warhol Museum April 18,2015 The band Kiss had one on their cereal, “Kiss Krunch,” The Archies, cartoon had one on the back of “Super Sugar Crunch,” cereal, The Monkees [...]

April 15, 2015 Interviews, Local Artists, Upcoming Shows

The Gotobeds go to Sub Pop, Exclusive Interview

April Fools Day is the one day out of the year where jokes and pranks are expected. So when news broke on April 1st that Pittsburgh punk band, The Gotobeds signed with Sub Pop Records, some were skeptical. Only it [...]

April 3, 2015 Interviews, Local Artists, Upcoming Shows

Eric Granata Interview

Eric Granata and Martin Rubeo formed a last minute duo called Rubeo and Granata, to play Club Cafe before Man and the Arena and Estonian indie pop stars, Ewert and the Two Dragons. Both are former members of Pittsburgh band [...]

March 17, 2015 Interviews, Local Artists