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Psymbionic + the Widdler w/ Relevant Dimensions,Raycraftb2bMrTodd& Sandbear

January 13 @ 9:00 pm - January 14 @ 2:00 am

Psymbionic & The Widdler are dropping in on Morgantown (1/10) and Pittsburgh (1/13) as part of their Fall and Winter Tour. We “can tell you One Thing…you are gonna love” these two, alongside Relevant Dimensions, Raycraft B2B Mr.Todd & Sandbear.

Shawmaynes & Bassburgh Promotions

–Saturday, January 13—

— Cattivo —

–146 44th St, Pittsburgh, PA —

——Tickets ——–
— $10 – 1st Wave -Limited-
— $15 – Early Bird —
— $17 Pre-Sale —
–$20 – Door —

–Doors 9pm —

—-Music 10pm-2am—-

———- Line Up ————-

:Psymbionic :

: Gravitas Recordings x Lowtemp

“Cresting the modern wave of electronic producers, Psymbionic creates aural experiences that explore the range ofmulti-tempo Bass Music within an influential and dynamic culture. With an ear for situational relevance, Psymbionicenjoys turning non-traditional sound design and infectious rhythms into dancefloor heat, while also maintaining hishistory in the downtempo, emotive side of the electronic sound.John Burcham has been moving bodies and turning heads as Psymbionic for several years in all corners of the USA,playing with acts such as Bassnectar, STS9, Big Gigantic, ill.Gates, Excision, EOTO, and Tipper. His passion andinnovation in the music world are showcased through album releases on Muti Music and MalLabel, as well as in hisrole as label manager for the popular Electronic imprint Gravitas Recordings.In a live show context, Psymbionic confronts mixes that are limited to the scope of the build and release, avoiding anindustry epidemic of drop-monotony that overpowers the flow of music. Burcham seeks to prove that there are morepowerful influences in moving a crowd than simple tension, providing an interwoven dynamic that relies on thestrength of his blend, rather than the sole force or familiarity of the apex.Psymbionic’s theory of music is a journey that doesn’t visit the same place twice, building excitement for what’s nextnot because you can anticipate it, but because you’ve never been there before.

::::The Widdler:::

“Born in Tel Aviv and living in Austin, TX, The Widdler is widely recognized as an innovator and originator of dub sound. Constantly practicing, The Widdler incorporates mix sessions into his daily routine, which translates to his flawless performances at shows; headlining with the likes of Doctor P, Reso, Ajappai, Tipper, Bassnectar, Caspa, Mary Anne Hobbes, Excision, Bukez Finezt, Truth, Downlink, & many more as well as a member of US imprints Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz, MalLabel Music, Deep Dark & Dangerous, & Sub.mission. Taking influence from various genres of music and lifestyle, his tunes comes in all shapes and colors. From the chilled reggae dubs and blue mood atmospheres to the mean menacing throbs of bass and percussion, The Widdler knows how to weave his musical roots with his production that makes each set entirely special. Sit back, light a spliff, and enjoy the sounds of The Widdler”

::::Relevant Dimensions::::

“Relevant Dimensions is the brainchild of P.SPLIFF and Lucas The Flow. Long time friends and both great DJ’s and Producers in their own right; they come together to create this spaced out bass machine known as Relevant Dimensions. Paul and Lucas have been working on Relevant Dimensions since early 2014, and they just released the project to the public in February 2017 with the debut album “The Awakening”.

::Raycraft B2B Mr.Todd::
(Raycraft Entertainment/ MeDubV)

“Based out of Morgantown, WV, Raycraft and Mr.Todd has been sharpening their skills on the deck for a short time but bring fire to the decks. From dubstep to trap and every where in between the duo has started to build them selves into a performance not to miss.


SANDBEAR is a deep dubstep artist and from Pittsburgh, Pa. His original productions will blow you away from his unreleased EP. Along with his ear for music, his selections will blend smoothly and leave you vibing.

—Live Artists—

–Stellar Primitive Creations–

-Caitlin Santa Barbara-
Live artist based out of Morgantown, WV. Both creating art and live music have always been important to me, the way both of these simple activities bring like minded people together and make them feel genuine happiness is so wonderful to me. My goal is to inspire and create while simultaneously getting down to some dank beats with you special human beings! Let me take ya mind on a journey ~~~

–Reverence Art–

“Swirling colors to push photons straight to your eyeholes! Morgantown based artist and designer.”


–Naked Geometry–

“The science of Sacred Geometry is growing more popular every day but few people have a real grasp on what is really meant by either “Sacred” or “Geometry.” Sacred Geometry is the study of the patterns, shapes, and ratios that we often find in the natural world. Whether it’s the golden ratio (phi, ø) in the human face and hands, or the “flower of life” found in the stacked atoms of certain crystals, or the fractal branching of trees, neurons, and rivers, there are certain shapes and forms that we can’t help but notice in our world.

In its ancient understanding, Sacred Geometry’s geometry itself was considered a window into the mind of God/s. If there were certain physical laws in nature, they must have existed because they were pleasing to God. Numbers and shapes were therefore ascribed specific meanings with correspondences to religious traditions, and these perceived truths guided the creation of spiritual spaces and spiritual art. This is why cathedrals often have a rose window with 12-sided symmetry (symbolizing the 12 apostles as well as the prevalence of certain symmetries in nature), why Buddhists create elaborate geometric mandalas symbolizing the universe, and why the pyramids of Egypt contain an array of important universal ratios implicit in their arrangement.

In the modern usage, Sacred Geometry remains associated with a great many spiritual paths, with an even broader set of interpretations and affiliations. It is found in almost every art, on products that are marketed both cynically and sincerely; it is used by gurus and charlatans alike, religious paths both respected and dubious. Many of these paths have their own ideas of what the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 mean, or why these various patterns, shapes & ratios are significant. Nearly all of these paths borrow from one another—from the lunatic fringe to the high establishment—so much so that it can be hard to tell who is who, what is what, and what, if any of it, is real.

Many spiritual truths echo geometric discoveries that have come from secular science. Benoit Mandelbrot coined the term fractal after building on the work of Gaston Julia and others. Fractals are self-similar figures that display remarkable forms at a macrocosmic and microcosmic levels, a theme that echoes many esoteric spiritual traditions, perhaps most notably “as above, so below.” Likewise many scientific truths have originated in spiritual inquiry. Buckminster Fuller, who explored the concept of divinity in his book No More Secondhand God, explored what was known about the arrangements of atoms at the smallest scale, which led to the invention of geodesic domes and expanded the potential of material science.

Mathematicians and scientists have long studied these observable forms, because they are so often related to the questions they are trying to answer. Monks and shamans have long studied these observable forms, because they are so often related to the questions they are trying to answer. Why is the world the way it is? What is the cause of life on Earth? How do plants and animals grow from single cells? What will happen in the future? What is happening very far away? Is it possible to know anything with certainty? How can we achieve the miraculous?

We are perhaps experiencing a renaissance of sorts in the agreement between some contemporary scientific thought and some contemporary spiritual perspectives, but it is my historical reading that those pursuits were never very far from each other. Both science and spirituality can be read as an interaction with mystery, a dance of ignorance and certainty and intuition. Both are at their best when they focus on what works. Both have an elite class of excellent practitioners who are sought out for their wisdom. While the paths of scientific and spiritual inquiry differ they are certainly not divergent. Sharing lessons from these different paths can only strengthen our understanding of the universe.”

–Shawmaynes – Maynly Threads —

“Maynly Threads is the merch, clothing, and accessories thread to the Shawmaynes community. We specialize in local, hand-crafted goods and wares.”

More TBA….stay tuned.

see ya there mayne…


January 13 @ 9:00 pm
January 14 @ 2:00 am


146 44th St
Pittsburgh, PA 15201 United States


Cole Bleu Jones