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“All Scene” Back For Round 2

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Preview and photos by Randy Jarosz

The 2nd annual All Scene Entertainment Festival takes place Saturday, August 8 at Mr Smalls Theatre. What makes this event so unique is not only a diverse line up of rock bands but also hip hop artists and comedians as well. No other local event mixes all three genres in such a diversified way. Stepping things up a notch, festival organizer Mike Zickefoose added some gaming to the mix.

“There are a few new things to look forward to at All-Scene this year.  Making the festival more interactive and keeping in the spirit of diverse entertainment, there will be Game Tournaments such as beer pong, air hockey, darts and pool.  The games will be held in the Funhouse, the old school house, which will also feature a new bar in the Marble Room behind the restaurant.

There is a new balcony extension along one side of the venue.  People can check out different views of the stages and gain an idea for VIP seating for future national shows,” says Zickefoose.

Zickefoose, a barback at the venue experiences all kinds of music, national and local alike. “I like paying attention and remembering the local bands I enjoy and try to see how I can get them back in venue again,” he says. Of course Mike also puts in a ton of research too. “If I enjoy a performance or art, I am confident that others will also,” admits Zickefoose.

If you have been to Mr. Smalls before, you will be blown away at how you will experience it this Saturday. You will be able visit areas of this fantastic venue that you had no idea even existed. That alone is worth the price of admission.

“Pittsburgh has such great local talent in so many creative areas and I just feel really lucky and happy to bring so much of that talent together within the evolving complex that is Mr. Smalls. If you’ve never heard of any of the acts or have never been to Mr. Smalls, this will be a fun, full eye-opening experience!” say Zickefoose.

Entertainment starts at 4:00pm with doors at 3:30 and will run until 1am. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $10 and only $8 with a Facebook RSVP. Mr. Smalls is located at 400 Lincoln Ave, Millvale, Pennsylvania 15209.

3:30 Doors $10/$8 Facebook RSVP
4:00-4:45 Lrad A. Ram – Small Group Stage
4:55-5:40 Tall Ceilings – Main Stage
5:50-6:35 Liss A Victory – Small Group Stage
6:00-6:45 Dhruva Krishna – Studio Stage
6:45-7:30 Speaklife Storytellers – Main Stage
7:00-7:30 Mario Quinn -Studio Stage
7:35-8:20 Jake Wiser -Studio Stage
7:40-8:25 Willful Souls -Small Group Stage
8:35-9:20 Jeremy Caywood and the Way of Life – Main Stage
8:35-9:20 LEFTFIELD – Studio Stage
9:00 Race to the Coffin Comedy – Courtyard
9:30-10:15 Sun Hound – Small Group Stage
9:30-10:15 Sikes! – Studio Stage
10:25-11:10 Jude Benedict and the Last Drop – Main Stage
10:30-11:00 Joey Smooth – Studio Stage
11:00 Jax from the Future – Courtyard
11:10-11:55 Jordan York – Studio Stage
11:20-12:05 Comancheria – Small Group Stage
12:05 Fortified PhonetX – Studio Stage
12:10 Eastend Mile – Main Stage

All Scene in 2014
Balloon Ride Fantasy

Reason and guests

Willful Souls


The Romantic Era

Pittsburgh Comedians

Life(Liss) and the Graveyard Orchestra

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