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Beauty Slap Funking Up Pittsburgh

soundsceneexpress February 14, 2017 No Comments on Beauty Slap Funking Up Pittsburgh

Beauty Slap

Liza Colby Sound

Beauty Slap
and Liza Colby Sound

January 20, 2017

Photos and recap by Whitney Lerch

Brillobox in Bloomfield was thumping Friday night, thanks in part to some pretty incredible local musicians: Beauty Slap.  The night was further improved by making it a Colby family affair, with NYC-based The Liza Colby Sound opening up.  Liza, who happens to be Beauty Slap’s Gabriel Colby’s sister, appeared shortly after her band, sequin-laden and ready to rock.  Their set, heavy with grit, rock and soul, had the sold-out room dancing from the moment Liza hit the stage.

Hands up, grooving and truly feeling the music, watching Liza perform is what I can only imagine it was like to watch Tina Turner on stage. Her high energy, intense presence, and muscular frame, wearing heels I can’t imagine standing still in (let alone jumping all over a stage in) in front of a sold-out crowd…and all of this was only topped by her powerful vocals.  It was my first experience with the Liza Colby Sound, and it’s an experience everyone should have!

Next up was Pittsburgh’s incredible Beauty Slap, who funked up the room with their electro-brass bangers.  These guys (Jake Berntsten, Gabriel Colby, Joe Badaczewski, Hakeem Bilal, and Scott Nadelson) are talented beyond belief.  Their energy is infectious, and every time I hear them play, I wish they’d never stop.  That Friday at Brillobox was no exception.  They had the room bumping well into the night…and technically into the next day!  The entire sold out crowd felt similarly, chanting “One more song!” after the guys left the stage around 12:30, ultimately calling them back for an encore. 

If you weren’t able to catch them this time, make sure you keep an eye out for the next show in the area.  They will not disappoint you, I promise.

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