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Benjamin Booker Cut Short

soundsceneexpress June 16, 2015 No Comments on Benjamin Booker Cut Short

Benjamin Booker
Nox Boys
Three Rivers Arts Festival
Point State Park
June 14, 2015

Mother nature did it again. You never know what you’re going to get this time of year. Beautiful skies and sunshine or torrential rain and tornado warnings. Benjamin Booker’s 2nd appearance in Pittsburgh, first as a headlining act fell a little short and it was far from his fault. The blues rocker celebrated his 26th birthday Sunday with a four song set.

Nox Boys were a bit luckier as dark clouds rolled in threatening showers, but never happened. In between bands lightning flashed all around and looked like it had passed over, as Booker took the stage. Nox Boys surely gained some new fans in their prime opening spot but without impending storms that number could have quadrupled.

Some sat in lawn chairs with umbrellas on the depleted lawn while a handful huddled around the Dollar Bank Main Stage to get an up close personal look at the budding rock star, Benjamin Booker. Max Norton on drums complimented Booker with his wild style of playing as bassist Max Spoto confidently strummed along.

Booker looked to be really into his set ripping off songs “Always Waiting,” “Chippewa,” “Old Hearts,” and “Happy Homes,” from his debut album, during the 15 minute set. Stage lights fell dim as Booker finished his final song, looking disappointed to announce lightning in the area. On-lookers hoped he would make it back but soon realized that it wasn’t going to happen.Benjamin Booker and his fans deserve one more go around, here’s hoping we’ll get that opportunity soon.

Benjamin Booker


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