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Bunny Five Coat “Anymore” Album Review

Bunny Five Coat‘s “Anymore” brings punk rock back to the essentials. This is a raw sound, completely unpolished and all the more beautiful for it. Opting for simplicity works wonders for them as the pared down sound shows them at their absolute best. Guitars are fuzzed-out with low-fi hums. Vocals are the heart and soul of the band, neatly tying together all the influences in a visceral display. Not a moment on “Anymore” is wasted as they distill their work into a total rush. With all this noise, distortion, disorientation and speed, they manage to show how punk with pop structures can be good.

Opening up with a growl is the joy of title track “Anymore,” punctuated by shouts, the song is an absolute blast, like a 70’s punk rock relic. With “Screaming Inside” Bunny Five Coat hits hard. The Rhythm is infectious, the riffs limber, and the vocals powerful. For “Old Town” they take this formula even further stripping things down to the absolute basics, with jagged guitar riffs and angry vocals. “Shock” shows off their attention to detail  and their ability to pack so much into these compact songs. Bringing the collection to a close is “Lay You to Rest” which comes about as close to sentimental as they are willing to let themselves get and ends everything on a high note.

With “Anymore” Bunny Five Coat effortlessly combines punk rocks’s history from its origins of Riot Grrrl to the present. “Anymore” is a perfect punk rock confection.

Review by Beach Sloth

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