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Carousel “2113” Album Review

soundsceneexpress August 30, 2015 No Comments on Carousel “2113” Album Review

Released August 28, 2015
Tee Pee Records

Carousel’s “2113” is a force of nature. Sounding straight out of the 70s Carousel highlight the best of that gigantic muscular style. Their chops are impressive and they tap into an overwhelming sound whether they are pummeling the listener with hyperactivity or slow dirges. Whatever their particular approach they dominate fully and completely. Volume is a must as these are pieces that were made to be as loud as possible.

Wasting no time they throw the listener right into the thick of things with “Trouble”. Moving things into an infectious groove with an exceptional drum and bass workout is the raw sound of “Photograph”. “Jim’s Song” burns through its track length with absolute ferocity with Dave Wheeler’s vocals as a true highlight of the piece. Aptly named “Highway Strut” employs an ideal driving rhythm that does not quit with a sense of hope tying everything together. Going for the slow burn is the expansive “Strange Revelation” whose dreamier elements build themselves up into a fevered pitch for the song’s satisfying finale. By far the highlight of the album is the title track “2113”. For “2113” Carousel create a sense of tension punctuated by some incredible guitar solos. “Turn to Stone” has Carousel closing the album on a tender note.

“2113” carefully comes together into a concise mix, tapping into the best elements of classic rock, from the overwhelming rhythms to soaring guitar solos. “2113” shows off the sheer power Carousel possesses.  See the power Friday, September 4 at Spirit for the official release party for “2113” at Spirit in Lawrenceville with Cruces and Mansion.

Review by Beach Sloth for SSE

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