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Chase the Monkey Ready To Hurdle Obstacles

It wasn’t long after the release of there exceptional full length album that Chase The Monkey front man Alberto Sewald went off to college. A hand full of shows played in between and no real formal release party, it seems like there is some unfinished business for the trio.

Sewald looking to explore the world a bit chose to set up shop in Nashville where he is studying audio engineering. “My plan right now is to figure out what the plan is. I’ll definitely pursue music first and foremost, but I do love working with audio, both recording and live, so I’ll have some good skills to feed myself with while I make music and go on adventures,”says Sewald.

He is also keeping busy by playing bass in his friend’s band and has played some solo gigs in the music city. Sewald and CTM members, bassist Matt Hanson and drummer Paige Suvick are planning a weekend tour this spring down to Nashville.

Hanson and Suvick are both seniors in high school so they will also be making tough decisions on their futures. As for the future of Chase the Monkey it’s “a big question mark,” admits Sewald. “As of right now though, things are still going really well and we’re trying to spend some time on tour this summer.”

The long distance hasn’t stopped Sewald from making the trek back to Pittsburgh. Chase The Monkey just played The Strip District Music Fest for the 2nd straight year on January 16.

He doesn’t mind the 8 hour trip and loves driving long distance. “I considered quitting music and school to be a truck driver, but decided I’d rather work towards driving a van full of gear and best friends (on tour),” jokes Sewald.

He’ll make the jaunt again this weekend for Sound Scene Express’s “Best of 2015” rock awards concert at James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy in the ballroom. Other top acts performing are Nevada Color, The Commonheart and Balloon Ride Fantasy.

“Playing music with all kinds of new people in Nashville has really made me realize how special of a connection Matt, Paige, and I have. We’ve all kind of grown up and discovered music together over the past several years, and the band really feels like a little family. Everything just clicks so well, and every day in Nashville I miss it,” says Sewald.

“Moving to Nashville has been an incredible experience so far, but it’s also made me appreciate everything back home more than I ever could’ve before. Pittsburgh is a pretty awesome city that I’m always proud to say I’m from.”

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