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City Steps “Change Your Mind” Single Review

City Steps
Change Your Mind (single)
Realease date: December 11, 2015

City Steps creates giddy, infectious pieces of indie pop on “Change Your Mind.” With a sound reminiscent of early Belle and Sebastian, the songs positively teem with life. Together these three songs play off of each other and work best taken in as a whole. Lyrically sound, the songs are powerful confectionary pieces, perfectly sweet and downright charming. Utilizing a full sound, the songs have intricate arrangements, from the handclaps on the title track “Change Your Mind,” to the summer time glow of “Procrastination Game,” everything simply works. Indeed the range of the collection is quite notable. “Change Your Mind” pays close attention to the idea of evolution and narrative. As “Change Your Mind” progresses the sound becomes infinitely more and more joyful.

Starting the collection off with a luxurious groove (complete with sparkling keys), is the cheery work of “Change Your Mind.” The songs build is impressive as is its bright shimmering textures and emotive vocals. By far the highlight of the collection is the incredible work of “Procrastination Game.” Wasting absolutely no time, the song begins in a swell of synthesizer and exuberant percussion. Vocals are playful and the guitar work particularly inviting. Ending the collection off with a bang is the full-on blast of “Golden Lights (Are Gonna Make You Cry),” whose gleeful abandon and wild tempo makes it pure pleasure.

Tasteful and endearing, City Steps represents the euphoria that good pop brings on the expressive “Change Your Mind.” Be sure to catch City Steps this Friday, December 11 for their release party at Thunderbird Cafe. For only $5 you can also see local standouts Paddy the Wanderer and Andre Costello and the Cool Minors.

Poster by Joe Mruk of Red Buffalo Illustration

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