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Dethlehem Wants You!

soundsceneexpress May 11, 2015 No Comments on Dethlehem Wants You!

Pittsburgh heavy metal band Dethlehem wants you! They are in need of a new guitarist after Hildor, one of the groups founding members stepped down.

Here is a statement from the bands Facebook page.

“One of the original founders of Dethlehem, brother Hildor, has reached his maximum level with the band and is looking to respec his tree into something other than music. He may still be in the background helping out with stuff here and there and will always be a great friend of the band. We wish him well in every quest he takes on in his future! That being said, he will be power leveling us through the remaining shows we have booked so fret not! In the meantime….fellow warriors of the shred, we call upon thee to test thy might and join us in battle!”


Here are a few requirements below

1. Must have decent gear
2. Must live close enough that you can practice twice a week
3. Must be able to take constructive criticism
4. Must be able to tour for AT LEAST one week a year
Some bonus things:
– If you can sing that would be awesome
– If you can do something that benefits the band besides playing guitar that would be awesome
– If you actually play videogames or tabletop that would be awesome

Click here for the tryout tracks

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