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Donora Goes Live… On Facebook

soundsceneexpress October 26, 2017 No Comments on Donora Goes Live… On Facebook

“Sun to Me”

By Kaisi Elizabeth

Donora’s new album, Sun to Me, has a way of making you reminiscent of summer days spent riding around with the windows down before the chill of fall has even had time to set in. Due out October 27th, it’s the fourth full-length album to come out of the production studio for the prodigal pair of siblings. Casey and Jake Hanner, along with their bassist Jake Churton, have been less in the studio, more in the spot light for the last three years. Allowing for their first three albums to resonate within the music scene. According to Casey, “This new album has been awhile in the making! We are really excited to get it out there!”

The most recent release is more low-key than their previous albums, “Ha Ha Heart” and “Boyfriends, Girlfriends.” Yet “Sun to Me” seems to epitomize the signature style Donora has maintained since their self-titled debut in 2009. Their upbeat rhythms with a dose of reality strung throughout the lyrics could classify them on a music store floor with The Shins or Wilco.; yet their catchy loops with the entrancing synthesizers could mandate they be on the shelves with ’80s and ’90s pop legends. While Donora has maintained a signatory je nes se quois, they have not stagnated or rested on their morals. The, as Casey calls it, “Walt Disney Effect” is maintained, but there is an undeniable maturity that is present within the tracks of this new album. This maturity allows for their fan base to maintain that level of relatability that draws us in to the bands that make us want to keep listening.

Donora has made a name for themselves within the indie community—playing “oldie but goldie” places such as the Brillobox and joining the line-up at last year’s Thrival Festival; and the members have utilized their connections within the artistic community for their latest album. Local artist, Amiee Manion lent her incredible talent for not only the album cover for Sun to Me but also for the artwork for the first single released from the album “This Heart.”

Donora will be doing a Facebook Live Event on Friday evening, October 27th to celebrate this new addition to their discography. This event will also include a live acoustic performance showcasing their new material. So fans from far and near can join them in celebration!

The official release show for “Sun to Me” will be held in conjunction with collaborating artist, Amiee Manion’s art opening. The Spirit Lodge in Lawrenceville will be showcasing not only Amiee’s incredible artwork, but also allowing for the aligned ambiance that is showcased in Donora’s new album.

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