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Dumplings “Love Handles EP” Album Review

Love Handles EP is an irreverent romp through the best lo-fi has to offer. Dumplings possesses a unique surreal sense of humor, like Ariel Pink but with greater warmth. Across the run time they reveal a truly personal journey. The linear notes state that all of these songs have been performed live for quite some time, in fact with a few sans title for a period of years. Many of these songs display that level of care for they show what resulted from the period of time practicing in front of crowds.

Songs positively burst forth with energy. Dumplings have an endless supply of enthusiasm which can be seen in their absurdly titled songs, some of which seem to summarize the songs quite nicely most notably “Photograph (Of A Man).” The songs themselves tend to root for the underdog, with many of them possessing a warped narrative, such as the weird noisy chant of “Wash Clothes” which neatly summarizes what happens when someone stops washing their clothes: they almost get fired. Within these strange pieces are some absolutely stunning moments. On the moodiest piece “Alone 4 Evva” Dumplings show off their darker impulses to great effect with a great post-punk vibe. Others create a trance only to break it without warning. By far the highlight is the careening “Silly Boy.”

Dumplings shows great grit, heart and soul on the aptly named Love Handles EP. With songs born and developed through the love of their audiences, these are true pop gems. You can get your copy of the trio’s new EP at any of their upcoming shows which include this Saturday the 12th at Spirit, supporting Dream Phone for their album release, this Sunday the 13th for the Weird Paul Variety Show Reunion at Howlers, October 17 at Howlers supporting Park Plan for their album release and Oct 21st at Mr. Roboto Project with NOTS from Memphis, TN. If you can’t make it to a show, you can listen and purchase both of their EP’s at

Review by Beach Sloth for SSE

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