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Ewert and the Two Dragons Sneak into Club Café, Win New Fans

Ewert and the Two Dragons
Club Café
February 25th
Concert review/album review

Photos and Review by Randy Jarosz

Concerts can be an awkward place sometimes. You know, the ones where a half circle formulates around the stage, leaving a huge gap around the performers, almost as if fans are afraid they might get hit with sweat, or maybe they are afraid the lead singer is going to try and crowd surf in the front row.

That was the scene when Ewert and the Two Dragons performed Wednesday night at Club Café. Although, the apprehension was not caused by sweat flying, or band member nose dives. The mostly soon-to-be fans in the room maybe didn’t know all the the words to the songs or were just feeling the band out. The Estonian superstars aren’t quite superstars in the US, but with a killer new album, “Circles,” the band is well on their way.

“Circles,” has a darker feel than the groups previous two albums, especially on the second half, where the pace is a bit slower. The album is about changes, growing as a person and getting older. The 2nd track on the album, “Pictures,” and probably the best tune, has a Lumineers flavor to it. “Getting Older,” starts with some fine keyboard work by lead vocalist Ewert Sundja. The title track “Circles,” is a beautiful yet eerie track that we could all relate to at some point in our life. “Iv’e crossed the line I drew so long ago,” sings Sundja, while pouring his soul into this one. “Stranger,” is about losing your self, and the battle to reconnect with the person you once knew. The group finished off the album with “Warhorses,” a short ballad that starts out slow and really rocks out toward the end, the perfect closer to a stellar album.

Ewert and the Two Dragons have a huge sound and could easily be donning the big arena stage some day. They would fit right in to a Bonnaroo or Coachella Line-up. Hopefully the group can build off their current United States tour where they have gained a ton of new fans and come back sooner rather than later.

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