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Fist Fight in the Parking Lot, “Year of the Ox” album Release

Photos and review by Reina Peli

Ohio’s own Black Plastic Caskets opened up the show with some hard core energy. They have been in the studio lately and we should be expecting a new CD from them in 2014. You can listen to their stuff HERE and follow them on FACEBOOK.

Another local Pittsburgh band that is hitting the scene by storm is After the Fall. I saw these guys at A Concert for Anna 2013 and I immediately was hooked. If you want to get a photo of the frontman Douglas Carnahan, you better have some sort of acrobatic talent because this guy is everywhere. Singing his heart out right in from of you, beside you, or behind you. Wherever. You might have seen guitarist Steve Craven on Discovery Channel’s Bar Hunters when his bar Sidebar was featured. I am sad to say I missed it but heard all about it through the social media tunnel. I don’t know much about the other guitarist other than his name is Matt Cornish and that he can rip it up. Matt Ferrante holds it all together in the back on drums. This guy has serious skills. Next time they are in an area near you, you should probably go see them. If you don’t, you’re missing out. They ended their set with a brand new single from their upcoming album later this year, titled RUMORS. It’s available now for download on iTunes and I got it as soon as I heard it. Haven’t stopped playing it since. My iTunes play count can attest to that. It costs $.99 cents. Just buy it! It’s been featured on 105.9’s Edge of the X. It’s definitely radio worthy and I can’t wait until the EP comes out. You can hear their stuff HERE, follow them on FACEBOOK for new show announcements and download the new song RUMORS HERE. Other exciting news for After the Fall has been announced. They are semifinalists in 105.9 the X’s The Winter Rock Showcase at The Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh. The contest will be judging the crowd response to determine the winner so if you love these guys, or haven’t heard them yet, ( you won’t regret it ) get your heiny’s down to The Hard Rock on February 1st and spend the $6 to have your ear holes violated by After The Fall!

Finally there is Fist Fight in the Parking Lot. This CD release had some teasers during the weeks leading up to the show. I listened to them all. And I was definitely teased. Got me to buy the CD on iTunes. You can get yours HERE for under $5. I first saw Fist Fight in the Parking Lot at A Concert for Anna 2011. I remember the feisty blond girl with dreadlocks tearing up the stage. I didn’t follow them much but heard about them here and there. Then I found out that little feisty blond girl with dreadlocks was a DJ on 105.9 The X. I said hey I remember that girl! More and more I heard about them. A good friend of mine, Mike Piroch started singing in a band called Staley’s Comet, an Alice in Chains tribute band which is basically Fist Fight in the Parking Lot without Abby. More and more I was hearing about The Year of the Ox CD coming out. Then I seen the show playbill and said, I gotta be there! It was a fantastic performance to say the least. Their sound has matured tenfold and Abby is so soft and rough with the vocals. I’ve heard the terms doom metal and sludgy. I could say that they have those sounds. I can’t put my finger on what they sound like. They change up the tempos mid song going from light and dreamy to rough and sludgy. There it is. Sludgy. It is definitely a sound that is unique to Pittsburgh’s music scene. When I figure it out I will let you know. Out of the 5 songs on the EP, Horsemouth is my favorite. All tracks are radio worthy though. Jason Sichi on lead guitar and Johannes Metalli on bass compliment each other so well that it sounds like one guitar at some points and then Chris Ruane seems to just make everything click on drums, holding the notes together. The band has a refined sound together. Nothing sloppy about it. You just have to listen for yourself. You can follow them on FACEBOOK to find out where they play next and keep up to date with the band. You can search on YOUTUBE to see what I mean. If you want to check them out live in person their next show is Saturday February 22nd at Sidebar in Kittanning, Pa 9pm. I heard that SIDEBAR is a great place for a show. I have yet to experience it. Maybe I just might. Hope to see you there.

Fist Fight in the Parking Lot

After the Fall

Black Plastic Caskets

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