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Grand Piano Bring the Sea to Cattivo

Grand Piano W/
Working Breed & Wreck Loose
May 30, 2015

Photos and re-cap by Randy Jarosz

A diverse selection of Pittsburgh musicians were on display Saturday night with Working Breed, Wreck loose and Grand Piano, who were celebrating the release of their Sea EP. This is Grand Piano’s 4th Ep and the follow up to their debut full length album “Leap Year,” released a year ago.

Grand Piano has built up a pretty loyal fan base over the years, which includes a ton of local musicians. It’s easy to see why, with Ryan Booth’s stellar sax playing to Wes Conroy’s raucous bass lines. Frontman Zac Kane leads the way with absurd one liners and smoky vocals, while Tom Cipollone also adds in with his singing style and crafty guitar work. Nick DeAngelo weathered the storm and kept the guys on track with his savvy drumming.

GP took the stage in full fisherman rain gear, as if a storm was going to hit any minute. They performed the entirety of their new all instrumental EP that features ocean favorites like “Sea Urchin,” “Seaweed,” and the popular “Octupus P.I.”

Working Breed started the evening with their eclectic style, featuring Chelsea Attwood and Erika Laing trading vocals. Lang is like a magician starting with the musical saw and hopping to other instruments from trombone and trumpet to the keys.

Wreck Loose followed with a dynamic set of their own. Lead vocalist and keyboardist Max Somerville radiates an energy not only to bandmates but everyone in the room, on songs like “Stranded in the Kitchen” and “Oh Well.”

Catch Working Breed June 5th at Club Café, Wreck Loose June 7 at Three Rivers Arts Festival and Grand Piano at Deutschtown Music Festival.

Grand Piano @ Cattivo

Wreck Loose @ Cattivo

Working Breed @ Cattivo

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