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Happy Hugh Twyman Day!

soundsceneexpress July 17, 2014 No Comments on Happy Hugh Twyman Day!

10 years is a long time for anything. 10 years at a job, 10 years in school, 10 years in a relationship. A decade can seem like an eternity, but when you are passionate about something, investing ten years can be rewarding to all involved.

Ten years ago today Hugh Twyman took his love for music to the next level and created the blog HughShows. To this day the blog is still going strong featuring his first/last interviews with local talent and national touring acts and photography of the local scene.

Along the way Twyman forged relationaships with local musicians, who would do just about anything for a man who dedicated so much time supporting and promoting the Pittsburgh music scene; including donating their time to perform monthly at HughShows Live @ Eides 10 year anniversary concerts.

At Sound Scene Express we’ve interviewed the last 4 artists to be featured on the HughShows fliers. Twyman draws the face of a different artist who will be performing at that months show. We asked the question, “How do you feel about being featured on HughShows Live @ Eide’s flier?”

David Manchester of Arlo Aldo, answered,” It’s kind of weird and a little flattering…and i’m honored, of course. Hugh has been so supportive of us for a long time, which in-and-of itself is extremely flattering. But, he’s also been a staple of the Pittsburgh music scene for 10 years. So, to be selected, not just to play, but to have my mug front and center is very humbling.”

Answering the same question David Bernabo of Host Skull said, “It’s great! Hugh has been an incredibly supportive entity for the Pittsburgh music scene and has documented a number of our gigs and installations (thinking about the 2010 one-copy-of-a-record installation in the Carnegie Library). Hugh and I worked on the first Host Skull music video. Always happy to be Hugh-approved.”

Brett Zoric of Triggers said, “Are you kidding?! Honored. That man has single-handedly done more for local bands than any person I know. A legend. He’s like a nice, well-adjusted Manny Theiner….and he can probably draw much better too. haha”

Finally, Mike Simms of the Natural Way of Farming says, “I feel honored. I’m very excited to be a part of it, even if I’m just a little bit anxious about being featured, it’s wonderful.

On Tuesday, July 15, District 2 Councilwoman, Theresa Kail-Smith, declared Friday, July 18th “Hugh Twyman Day,” in the City of Pittsburgh. Congratulations Hugh! This is a well deserved honor for a man who has helped put Pittsburgh music back on the map, and never really earned a dime for what could seem like a full time job at times. Sound Scene Express would personally like to thank you for paving the way for our blog and others in the community.

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