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Hear Tonight Convey Powerful Message in Official Video for “Stay Dry”

By Paige E. Owens

Following the release of their last official music video nearly a year ago, California, PA indie rock group, Hear Tonight, debuted their newest single, “Stay Dry,” on Friday, July 21st. Hear Tonight is comprised of Shane Turner (vocals/acoustic), Stephen Grzenda (guitar/vocals), Jake Urbanek (guitar/ vocals), Evan Yester (drums/vocals), while Nick Linder (bass guitar) and Greg Davis (keys/synth) joined the foursome in the studio for the recording of “Stay Dry.”

The song’s upbeat vibe, bouncy beat, and catchy chorus act as an ironic juxtaposition compared to the depicted storyline that is neatly presented throughout the video, which was directed by Martin Jerome Lambert. Frontman, Shane Turner, whom stars as the video’s lead, explores the darkness and negative space that looms in his head, while the world continues to go on around him.

Per Hear Tonight’s official Facebook post, the band writes, “’Stay Dry’ exemplifies the mental struggles of loneliness and isolation even when others are right there with you.”

The video begins with a close up shot of Turner sitting on the floor of a seemingly empty room, before panning out and transitioning into a party scene where he is still shown sitting on the floor by himself. Despite the rather optimistic sound of “Stay Dry,” the lyrics reveal, as suspected, a darker theme that correlates with the video’s overwhelming sense of loneliness and inner-frustration. As the setting of the room alternates back and forth between a party, in which Turner is outwardly disassociated with the events that are unfolding around him, and the world that exists within his head, the lyrics deliver a similar message, “you’ve so much time to lose your mind.”

Although it is easy to see the evident isolation that Turner experiences during the filmed party scene, it plays a secondary role, comparatively, as viewers watch him transition back into his thoughts. Here, he hangs photos of people, places, and his passions [music] on the fireplace of the empty room before aggressively tearing them from the wall. This moment of “Stay Dry” symbolizes Turner’s frustration with himself and disassociation from the things that he once cherished, however, for many, it can be difficult to show the same interest in the things you love while struggling with destruction, confusion, and loneliness.

The band also stated on their Facebook page, “It’s okay to reach out. With all of the tragedies happening recently, we hold this message close to us.” In light of recent tragedies in the music scene and beyond, Hear Tonight’s powerful message certainly pulls on some loose heart strings.

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