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Jack White “Lazaretto” Album Review

Jack White
Album Review by Don Jarosz

Jack White just released his latest creation titled, “Lazaretto.” The eccentric music man not only hits us with new combinations of sounds that blow you away and push music forward, he also made advancements to the traditional vinyl format.

His “Ultra LP” contains two vinyl-only tracks hidden beneath the center labels. One plays at 78 rpm and the other at 45 rpm, while the rest of the disc plays at the standard 33 1/3 rpm. The record also boasts “Dual Groove” technology, which means that depending on where you drop the needle you will either hear an acoustic or electric intro to “Just One Drink.” Side B features a groundbreaking matte finish, while Side A with the traditional glossy finish, features a hand-etched hologram of an angel that can be seen while the record is spinning.

The opening track “Three Women” is a bluesy mix infused with blazing guitar riffs, organ, slide guitar, and piano. “Lazaretto” comes waltzing in with a funky beat that includes an electric violin, while White attacks with searing vocals. A cool little country tune, “Temporary Ground” with guest fiddler and singer Lillie Mae Rische mellows things out a bit. “Would You Fight For My Love” is nice smooth tune in which Jack tells us how he is afraid of getting emotionally hurt by his woman and pleads for her to want to fight for his love. “High Ball Stepper” really picks up the tempo. No vocals were needed here…you can recognize that this is Jack White through the amazing guitar riffs that blast through the speakers. Mellow country tunes where Jack wants to find out why his woman is mad at him, how his woman left him, and how he is sick of being told what to do is what you find with “Just One Drink,” “Alone In My Home,”and “Entitled.” “That Black Bat Licorice” is a fresh, funky hit definitely worth listening to. Jack closes out with piano and acoustic guitar in “I Think I Found The Culprit” and “Want and Able,” where he talks about love, desires, doing what society expects of you and stepping out to be yourself in order to ultimately be fulfilled.

The maestro is always mixing different sounds together, which makes his music so exciting and worth listening to. Although this is White’s second solo album, he has produced close to 40 albums in his career. His incredible work ethic ensures that he will have another one for us before we know it…and what will he come up with next?

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