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Local Musician Needs Your Help

soundsceneexpress November 9, 2015 No Comments on Local Musician Needs Your Help

Justin Endler is no stranger to the Pittsburgh music scene, dabbling in a few different bands, namely Adadsdad, 24 Hour USA and the Nathan Douds Ensemble. Now, Endler is back at it as a solo artist releasing a 2 song EP featuring the songs “Spruce” and “Niels Bohr.” The pair of songs will be on his upcoming full length album and will be packaged as gifts for his Kickstarter campaign. Endler has less than a week to go on the funding and is a little under the half way point to his goal.

The best part about supporting a musician Kickstarter campaign is that you can directly help in the financing of the project and receive an awesome gift usually worth more than the donation. If the full length is anything like the 2 song EP, the money spent is well worth it! Check out a song from Justin Endler below and hear the 2 song EP HERE.

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