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LoFi Delphi “Always the Quiet Ones” Album Review

LoFi Delphi
“Always the Quiet Ones”
Released June 10, 2016

LoFi Delphi’s “Always the Quiet Ones” feels like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. With a laid-back approach highlighted by Becki Gallagher’s poetic lyricism the songs simply work. The group dynamic is particularly fine as the band clearly listens to each other, which each member playing off of each other. Full of color the songs display a true mastery of merging together disparate genres from synthesizer-led pop to a more mellow form of indie rock, letting all of these influences better inform their sound.

Throughout it all they let the many layers of sound interact marvelously resulting in a kind of swirling sound. Additionally they do not shy away from ambitious approach, whether it is letting in little elements of jazz, a slight nod to folk, and through doing so create a collection that resonates with hope.

Anchored by a strong insistent bass courtesy of Andrew Belsick’s bass is the opener “Twelve.” From such a quiet beginning the piece positively blooms. Taking a more reflective approach is the dreamy sound of “Birds.” Easily the highlight of the collection is the tender work of “Goodbye” where Tyler Jessup’s soft drumming and Andrew MacDonald’s light guitar work come together ever so ideally. Frantic with energy is the gigantic approach of “Madness.” Ending things on a brilliant ambitious note is the lovely lilt of “Always the Quiet Ones.”

“Always the Quiet Ones” contains a multitude of twists and turns, displaying LoFi Delphi’s uncanny knack for melody. These are perfectly formed pop songs.

Catch LoFi Delphi at their album release show with Chrome Moses, City Steps, Park Plan and Jeremy Caywood at James Street Gastropub and Speakeasy in the ballroom, this Saturday.

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