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Mace Ballard Album Release Photos

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Mace Ballard
“Lanterns” Album Release
Smiling Moose
July 15, 2016

Photos By Richard Schmid

Punk group Mace Ballard recently held a CD release concert for their new EP “Lanterns” at the Smiling Moose. The band was supported by an acoustic act by former member Nick Martin, followed by groups Rescue Dawn, The Remainders, and My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure.

The band took the stage to a good size crowd and began performing songs from their new CD Lanterns. Lanterns marks the first CD by the band produced by A-F Records, and Anti-Flag singer/bassist Chris Barker was in attendance. Barker helped to punctuate the band’s final song by leaping onto the stage and joining in. Chris’s presence energized the band, and made the performance impressive.

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