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Moemaw Naedon Releases Video for “A Passing Face”

Pittsburgh hip-hop artist Moemaw Naedon known for his work with Fortified PhonetX just released a video for “A Passing Face,” from the album “Circular Signals” with producer, The Latebloomer. The pair collaborated over the internet; with beats being produced at The Latebloomer’s New Jersey studio and sent to Naedon in Pittsburgh.

The video features some superb camera work from Brandon Peszko, especially when Naedon opens the door and the scene fades to white. He wastes no time with his fresh lyrics and rhyming with versus like “wood spiders weave webs on the other side, I swear to God I was alive once upon a time.” The video depicts Moemaw Naedon in a room with a woman, played by Michele Edwards, who is also the same person he passes on the street and on a bike trail. The video finishes in the same room where it began. Check out the video below!

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