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MOIP and Hippo Campus Bid Farewell to Summer

The Final Final Friday
Hippo Campus
w/ Meeting of Important People
Schenley Plaza
August 26, 2016

For the end of August in Western Pennsylvania, you really couldn’t have asked for better weather than the high 70’s, clear skies and low humidity that Pittsburgh was graced with on Friday, August 26th, which was perfection for WYEP’s Final Fridays show at Schenley Plaza with Pittsburgh locals Meeting of Important People and Hippo Campus. Folks were pouring into the park early to claim their spots with blankets and chairs. There were even a few who squeezed in some yoga before MOIP hit the stage. The entire atmosphere was the quintessential summer night for the final “Final Fridays” show of the year.

At 7pm, Pittsburgh favorites Meeting of Important People (MOIP) came out, as energetic as ever. Throughout the night, they played a great mix of songs, both old and new, starting off with “Gotta Clean Head” from their 2012 full length album “My Ears Are Having A Heart Attack!!”. With a shout out to all the born and raised yinzers in the crowd, they moved into “I Know Every Street”, from their 2009 released debut, self titled album. After warming up the crowd with some of their older and beloved tunes, they dove into their newest album “Troika”, released earlier this year, with the “MOIP Intro”, “Take Action!” and “I’m Flying (Close To It)”. The high energy, upbeat performance that MOIP invariably delivers was only amplified when they were joined on stage by Clark Slater (of The Gathering Field) on guitar and backup vocals, Erika Laing (of Working Breed) on trombone and the astounding Cara Garofalo (who collaborated with MOIP on Troika) on violin. The set left the crowd exhilarated and yearning for more…which they can get on Sept 4th at Shadyside Nursery for Weather Permitting! (full MOIP set list below)

As the sun set, the crowd drew nearer to the rail in anticipation of Minnesota natives Hippo Campus, who would close out the night. Starting their set with Souls, moving through some older and some new songs and squeezing Suicide Saturday into the set (of course), the sun went down and Schenley Plaza sang and danced the night away with Hippos Campus. Wrapping up a 14 song set with The Halocline, those guys closed out the 2016 WYEP Final Fridays with passion and vigor. (Full Hippo Campus set list below)

MOIP Set List:
Gotta Clean Head
I Know Every Street
MOIP Intro
Take Action!
I’m Flying (Close To It)
Dead Man
Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Innocents Abroad
Britney Lane
Keep Your Eyes On Me
Tell Me It’s Not Too Late
All Rode Off Together

Hippo Campus Set List:
Close To Gold
Sophie So
Way It Goes
Suicide Saturday
Dollar Bill
Little Grace
Bashful Creatures
The Halocline

Hippo Campus

Meeting of Important People

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