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Musicians Get the Rockstar Treatment During All-Scene

All-Scene Entertainment Festival
Mr. Smalls Theatre
August 8, 2015

Photos and article by Randy Jarosz

Local rockers and hip hop artists were given the rockstar treatment at the expansive Mr. Smalls Theatre for the 2nd annual All-Scene Entertainment Festival. The fest is a collaboration of different genres of music, with art and comedy thrown in the mix. The idea was brought to life in 2014 by Mike Zickefoose, an employee at the venue who was basically handed the keys to the building for the day. In its 2nd year the event grew extensively with attendance and added activities like Beer pong and pool.

There are three main indoor performance stages with the courtyard being utilized for comedy. The smaller stage is located at the side of the main area next to the main stage and was used for solo artists and duos. Liss Victory performed solo this year while newcomers Sun Hound played a bluesy soul mix on drums and keys. Willful Souls With Zickefoose on drums and Niki O’Brien on keys performed an awesome soul pop-set. Comancheria rocked out later, featuring a guitar and drum duo.

Dhruva Krishna played an early set with his own band in the studio area and later on the main stage, with headliners Eastend Mile, where he played the drums. “It’s always an incredible experience to perform on the main stage at Mr. Smalls. First, I’ve seen so many of my favorite bands, from Jukebox the Ghost to Delta Spirit play on that same stage, so being able to share that tradition is incredible,” tells Krishna.

Jude Benedict and the Last Drop have played Mr. Smalls in the past but All-Scene gave them an opportunity to give it another go. They were one of the festival highlights for sure with a lively set. “This event stands out because a close friend of ours, Nancy Evelyn Gold passed away at 7:30 pm on August 8th. Nancy filmed us and did a lot of really great work for the Trans Community. I had spent time with her in the ICU right before leaving to come to Mr. Smalls. As a band we tore it up in her honor, I really miss her,” says Benedict. You can help the band finish their EP by donating at

David Freeman, better known as hip hop artist, Reason, performed for the 2nd time at All-Scene, this time as Leftfield with producer/controllerist Doc Lvly. “This was the best set that we’ve had so far in terms of crowd participation, fluidity and overall reception,” says Reason, who’s set was in the recording studio. The intimate space allows artists and fans to be in close interaction. Other hip-hop acts included Mario Quinn, Sikes! and Jake Wiser among others.

Mike Zickefoose had a rock solid plan and stuck to it, resulting in a smoothly run festival that was fun for fans and bands. The best part about it is that there is room to grow, get better and expand genres further. Maybe next year we will see a metal, punk or country artist grace the Mr. Smalls stage.

“I think it also speaks strongly about the Pittsburgh music scene, and how local bands are being given the opportunities to play highly professional shows on the same stage as nationally touring acts,” says Krishna.

Liss Victory

Speaklife Storytellers

Mario Quinn

Willful Souls


Jeremy Caywood and the Way of Life

Jake Wiser

Sun Hound


Comedy in the Courtyard

Jude Benedict and the Last Drop

Joey Smooth

Jordan York


Fortified PhonetX

Eastend Mile

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