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My Morning Jacket, Jams Out at Stage AE


Photos and Re-cap by Randy Jarosz

My Morning Jacket
Stage AE
June 4, 2015

Stan Smith was on to something when he referred to Jim James voice as angelic in a 2009 episode of the cartoon, American Dad, where My Morning Jacket made an animated guest appearance on the adult show. The clip shows Smith obsessing over the band after trying to rescue his daughter, while she was attending a concert. From that point he became mesmerized. James has that effect on many with his high pitched squeals on songs like “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 2,” which was the final song before their encore Thursday night at Stage AE.

My Morning Jacket are touring in support of their latest effort The Waterfall, their first since 2011 and quite possibly their best work in 10 years. The 7th studio album features the song “Believe (Nobody Knows),” also the opening tune during their Pittsburgh visit. A massive white overlay hid the stage while projecting images of a splashing waterfall, while James sang the opening lines of “Believe (Nobody Knows),” before it came crashing down.

MMJ squeezed in 8 new songs including “Big Decisions,” the lead single on The Waterfall, which is quintessential MMJ. Another highlight was “Spring (Among the Living),” allowing the guys to jam out a bit and show off James’ adept guitar work.

Balancing out the evening were classics “Wordless Chorus” and “It Beats 4 U,” both from 2005’s epic album Z. They also snuck in “Cobra,” from their 2002 EP Chocolate and Ice, finishing out the encore selections were “Gideon,” and “Magheeta.”

My Morning Jacket does something to people that is unexplainable. They make you forget about all your worries, forgive your enemies, make you happy when you are feeling sad, see life from a different perspective, if not forever, at least for 2 hours while seeing them live.

My Morning Jacket Setlist Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 2015, The Waterfall / Spontaneous Curation Series II

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