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Paul Luc and The Commonheart A Familiar Pair

Paul Luc &
The Commonheart
South Park Amphitheater
August 7, 2015

Photos and article by Randy Jarosz

Paul Luc and The Commonheart have become a familiar duo in 2015, sharing the stage on several occasions including Club Cafe, during WDVE events, to another appearance together at South Park Amphitheater last Friday for the Allegheny County Summer Concert series. It’s not hard to see why this pairing is so enticing. Paul Luc sets up the evening with his engaging voice and music that every person can relate to so The Commonheart can knock it out of the park with their charismatic sets.

As gratifying the combo is for a fan, the feeling is mutual for the two bands. “They’re (The Commonheart) one of the best bands around and Clinton is a friend which makes it even more meaningful. They’re a band of talented and down-to-earth people so it’s pretty easy to have fun,” Says Paul Luc.

Luc has been part of the Pittsburgh music scene for quite a while evolving into his straightforward approach and DIY everything style, including his hand packed survival kits with the 2014 release of “Tried and True.”  These days you’ll hear him perform heartfelt songs like “High Walls,” and covers of Tom Waits’ “Down In the Whole,” rather than Cindi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

Clinton Clegg’s group The Commonheart formed late in 2014 but Clegg has been around awhile too with his other band Backstabbibg Good People. Clegg’s voice is unmistakable and often compared to legends like Joe Cocker and Bob Seger. Definitely not bad company to be a part of.

As far as weather or not the two bands will collaborate on a future album we’ll have to wait and see. “There’s heavy cross-pollination in our scene right now, (with) guest appearances at shows and everyone helping each other with recordings. Undoubtedly we’ll cross paths on a future album,” says Luc.

The lawn was packed during their South Park gig. Weather it was the tireless efforts of the summer concert series organizers or fans of the two talented groups following them into the suburbs you will never know because most stayed beginning to end. It’s safe to say both bands and organizers hit a home run.

“It’s a great time to be in the Pittsburgh music scene and I’m just happy to be a part of it. This past year I’ve built a treasure trove of memories that should stay in the catalogue until my mind goes,” admits Luc.

Paul Luc at South Park Amphitheater

The Commonheart at South Park Amphitheater

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