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Paul Luc Cheats Death, Makes Friends With The Reaper

You have to admire a man who completely gave up the corporate world and the rat race to live his dream to make music. It takes a valiant person to live the simple, modest life, when it would be easier to be part of the daily grind. For Paul Luc there is no other option than to make music and spread his talents to the world.

Luc just released a video for “Good Times” from his 2014 release, Tried And True. In the production, the Grimm Reaper wakes Luc from a dead sleep to present him with his death certificate. Luc proves he isn’t afraid to die, having lived his life on his own terms. He shows the Reaper what a good time really is, from riding his Harley, to drinking shots and playing cards. The video was directed by Brett Wagner and produced by PMI. Check out the video below. If you would like to support Paul Luc to create more projects like this, visit

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