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Safe In Sound Is Safe In Pittsburgh

soundsceneexpress November 22, 2016 No Comments on Safe In Sound Is Safe In Pittsburgh

Safe In Sound
w/Borgore & SNAILS
Diesel Club Lounge

Photos and review by Corrine Jasmin

Safe in Sound Festival finally made its stop in Pittsburgh and sold out at Diesel Club Lounge Friday night! The club was at complete capacity and packed from wall to wall with ravers, ranters, dancers and beyond. Everyone was dressed in their brightest, goofiest, eccentric, electric, and glowing gear. From light up gloves to LED sneakers, the city’s EDM scene was out in full force.

The crowd displayed faces of all ages. The festival was expected to sell out due to tickets being purchased rapidly beforehand, and the hype did not disappoint. Energy, cheers, and loud beats filled the air from 8pm to 2am. The beats shook through the massive speakers, to which the club rounded up additional speakers specifically to amplify the sold out event. The bass shook through the speakers, vibrated through chests, and echoed throughout the venue. Festival goers were in complete surround sound whether they were enjoying the artists from above or dancing on the ground level floor. Rain Man and Must Die! blew everyone away with their back to back sets; no artist was a disappointment. Each artist had their own sound and the energy did not cease for a second. SNAILS, a headliner from Montreal , had a fantastic set that included a light show and psychedelic visuals. There were even a few mosh pits to which SNAILS boldly encouraged. He was a great teaser for his very well-known and anticipated co-headliner.

Everyone let loose when the man of the hour came through. Diesel was in complete chaos. Borgore did not hold anything back. His hour long set made jaws drop, myself including. To the crowd’s delight, he ended all the madness with one of his most popular tracks “Decisions” ft. Miley Cryus. Everyone was left speechless. Once 2am hit, the crowd was told to disperse the venue. Instead of sad, disappointed faces, the large crowd poured out of Diesel into the night grinning ear to ear. It was evident that Safe in Sound Fest is welcome anytime they’d like to stop through Pittsburgh again.

The tour is a must see. There are a few dates left.
Tickets are available for purchase here:



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