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Talkers Make Sci Fi Inspired Music Video

soundsceneexpress February 9, 2016 No Comments on Talkers Make Sci Fi Inspired Music Video

Walking into First Light Grip & Lighting Rentals in Sharpsburg, January 31, you would have thought you were in the twilight zone. Thick smoke billowing through a warehouse garage, with alien looking creatures donning red cloaks moving to the sounds of a blind folded Caleb Pogyor.

Luckily it was only the set of the Talkers new video for “Cocoon,” the first single from their latest album “Bad Ones,” released in 2015. “Cocoon” is about owning responsibility for your past and present while moving into the future says Pogyor, lead vocalist of Talkers. “The concept of the video is having dark and creepy imagery alongside an uplifting and positive song. The idea is to have the viewer meet in between the dark and light and find the art and meaning in the contrast of the two,” states Pogyor.

The alien like heads were actually paper mache masks made by Pogyor and Jon Curotola, who served as the set designer, including props and stage construction. The pair worked on the masks in their free time up to two days per week for a month. “We’d go into his (Jon) garage, put on some tunes and work on paper mache masks for 8 hours. It was surprisingly a very fun and calming process for me,” admits Pogyor.

“After the first meeting with director Tom Gregg and Jon Curotola, I knew they were the ones to do the music video. I came to them with my vision and I could tell from the expressions on their faces that they were digging my ideas. From there, they started bouncing their own ideas back and forth and everything just started moving. It was like a successful first date! I think I was mainly looking for someone who loved David Lynch as much as me, and I found that in Tom and Jon. They took what I was seeing in my head for the video and made everything look 10x creepier and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.”

Making a 3-4 minute video could take hours of work before during and after the filming process. It’s not easy to find someone that shares your vision and then has the expertise to make it happen. Pogyor calls the process “organized chaos.”

“As a band, we were very lucky to get such great people to help extend our art from sound to visuals. It was a very long day, but because we had so much love, dedication and patience from the film crew and extras, everything moved very smoothly and made us relax and enjoy the process of creating what I feel will be a really incredible music video.”

Keep your eyes peeled for the video and catch the Talkers, Wreck Loose and Grand Piano opening for Those Manic Seas, in town February 18 at Howlers for their 28 cities in 30 days winter tour. The show starts at 8 and tickets are only $5.

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