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TeraChain Sky “Miss Daisy Duke” Album Review

TeraChain Sky
“Miss Daisy Duke”
Released January 9, 2016

TeraChain Sky’s “Miss Daisy Duke” is Southern rock done right. Harking back to those Southern rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd everything on TeraChain Sky’s “Miss Daisy Duke” simply pulverizes. Vocals positively dominate courtesy of Nick Stelter’s powerful voice. Lyrically the songs are small snapshots from a life, a life lived most fully. Throughout the album TeraChain Sky celebrates a crazed chaotic yet genuinely fulfilling attitude on life, with a sense of freedom woven into the album’s DNA. Rhythms absolutely swing through with Mike Fennick’s pummeling percussion and Tomo’s subtle yet strong bass. By far what ties the entire album together is the pulverizing sound of the guitar, with Tyler Goehring, Joe Kozora, and Jake Parks working in tandem. Riffs are incredibly catchy and infectious, with the songs lingering in the mind long after they are over.

Opening with “the most American song they could ever make” they start on a high note with the “Average Joe.” They use “Average Joe” as a way of telling the tale about a man content with their life, realizing that few would understand their way of life. Acoustic guitars begin the adventurous free-spirited sound of “Whiskey Way”. Staccato rhythms serve as the backbone to “Sunsets And Silhouettes” where a sense of defiance prevails. Ending things with nimble guitar riffs is the rush of “Good For Nothing”.

“Miss Daisy Duke” shows TeraChain Sky rocking with intense unrelenting energy, holding absolutely nothing back. TeraChain Sky blasts forth with great fury on “Miss Daisy Duke.” In short, it is perfect. You can catch the crew tonight at Smiling Moose for a Kill Cupid Valentine’s Eve event. Doors open at 5pm for this 21 + show for only $10. Other bands include Divine Tragedy, Black Souled Pope, LS Hellbore. See the band’s press kit at

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