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The Black Six -“God Save The Queen” Single Debut

The Black Six’s “God Save The Queen” distills the essence of rock into a perfect whole. With a nice lo-fi sound the piece is full of brilliant color, from the dusty organ to the endless hypnotic rhythm of the guitar riffs. Intended to be played as loud as possible, there is almost a summer like quality to the sound. An intense amount of heat is hinted upon as the energetic playful drumming and fuzzed out bass work wonders. Lyrics tie all of these elements together. Vocals are delivered with the right level of dreaminess and desire. Carefully balancing the two together the song feels like it could continue on forever. How the Black Six let the song unfurl ever so slowly and satisfyingly is incredible. The gradual bloom of the sound is completely earned with small elements coming to a cinematic crest for the song’s finale.

With a sound reminiscent of the smokey effortless cool of the Doors, The Black Six’s “God Save The Queen” is an infectious timeless piece of pop. You can catch the Black Six June 26th at Vine Rewind at the 28th block of Penn Avenue and again July 9th at Deutschtown Music Festival.

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