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The Lampshades -Joanie/Table -Review

soundsceneexpress September 6, 2016 No Comments on The Lampshades -Joanie/Table -Review

The Lampshades
Released August 26, 2016

Like some mutated long-lost lo-fi cousin of doo-wop, the Lampshades create strangely addictive melodies with “Joanie/Table.” Over the course of the two piece the Lampshades touch upon a warped take on pop reminiscent of R. Stevie Moore, Outer Limits Recordings, and other similarly-minded individuals. Yet even with these touchstones their sound is pretty out there. Stylistically they have quite an impressive range from the bizarre, almost carnival-esque to a spaced out, slowcore take on lounge. By weaving these together, the Lampshades prove that nothing is off limits as they create strange, dreamy, celebratory pieces. These sounds interact in delightfully bizarre ways. Rhythms, tempos, even structures are built up only for them to break everything down. Contrasting the two shows off their uncanny ability to explore the less frequently celebrated sounds, as they go for playful and introspective in the same moment.

Full of energy is the opener of “Joanie.” With a high-pitched hyperactive piano leading the way the song has an odd air of triumph. The group singing works wonders in giving the song a communal kind of spirit. Everything works together from the ramshackle, shaggy dog beat to the joyful clapping. On the flip side there is just woke up vibe of “Table.” Slowing everything down to molasses the song’s bleary eyed approach works wonders. Over the course of the song a narrative begins to form, one that taps into a sense of anxiety and dread.

Unlike anything else out there, the Lampshades offer a wild, unhinged take on pop with “Joanie/Table.”

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