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Wreck Loose Announces New 7” Single ‘Long Time Listener, First Time Caller’

Photos by Chris Sprowls
Poster by Mike Artman

Wreck Loose Announces New 7” Single ‘Long Time Listener, First Time Caller’
Release party 12/3/16 at Pittsburgh’s brillobox

After spending a year in the studio recording their first full length album, Wreck Loose is ready to release the first single. “ Long Time Listener, First Time Caller ,” along with B-Side “Hearts Been Broken,” will be available for download and on 7” vinyl on 12-3-2016 .

“Long Time Listener, First Time Caller” is a departure from the band’s earlier material, discarding their piano pop aesthetic for something bigger, louder, and more epic. Guitarist Nathan Zoob weaves searing riffs between the the thumping honky tonk rhythms of bassist Dave Busch and drummer Derek Krystek . Singer Max Somerville cries out a manic story of redemption, weaving together a cast of characters that include a pro wrestler, a trash-talking wolf, and the Statue of Liberty. Max soars and crashes, pleading his case to contemplative piano chords, only to rise up screaming over top of drums and guitars as loud as Fourth of July fireworks.

“I’m always chasing the next song,” says songwriter Max Somerville. “Long Time Listener, First Time Caller” is about riding the high that inspiration brings, and then praying for it to come back once it leaves you.”

Wreck Loose returned to Treelady Studios to work with engineer Dave Hidek on the single. Unlike their previous recordings, “Long Time Listener, First Time Caller” is layered with multiple guitars, percussion and vocals to achieve a sound bigger than their live performances. Wreck Loose is releasing the single on December 3, 2016 at Pittsburgh’s brillobox with support from Pittsburgh band The Big Bend and DJ James Hart.

Find out more at or by following @wreckloosband on Instagram and Twitter. The single will available through itunes, the bands website, and

Be on the lookout for our review of the single by Melanie Stangl.

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