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Wreck Loose Releases New Single at Brillobox

Wreck Loose
w/ Chet Vincent & the Big Bend
December 3, 2016

Photos and re-cap by Whitney Lerch

Pittsburgh locals, Max Somerville, Dave Busch, Nathan Zoob and Derek Krystek, also known as garage pop rock band Wreck Loose, threw a party on December 3rd at Lawrenceville’s Billobox to for the release of their newest single “Long Time Listener, First Time Caller” on limited edition 7″ vinyl. They were joined by Chet Vincent & The Big Bend, who came prepared to “Celebrate” with Wreck Loose, releasing a live recording of their recent album, Celebrate, on vinyl.

It didn’t take long for the upper level of Brillobox to fill up with folks anxious to hear some of Pittsburgh’s best musicians sharing the stage. CVBB opened the night, the same way they opened their album “Celebrate”, with “The Spins” and then “Chain Smoking”, before throwing it back to their 2014 album Unconventional Dog with “Limousine”. The entire band, dressed in black, to represent their mourning for our country’s current political and social state, rocked that stage as the crowd drew closer to the stage with each song. With Chet’s story telling lyrics, classic rock vibe, the guys can truly appeal to an audience of all ages. And they certainly aren’t afraid to use the stage as a platform to speak their minds and advocate for what they believe in, be it through conversation between songs or with the songs, themselves, like “Cut Us Down” and Fingertrap” I always have a healthy respect for folks who aren’t afraid to make known, what they believe in. The band powered through a number of their own hits, before ending their set with “Celebrate” and were joined on stage by Derek Krystek, Wreck Loose’s drummer for an energetic collaboration.

Once CVBB wrapped up their powerful set, Wreck Loose took the stage and the crowd drew nearer, yet. Starting off with “Trapped In The Basement” and “Throw My Weight Around”, before the song of the evening “Long Time Listener, First Time Caller”. Their music is catchy as hell and will make you move, without even realizing it. Their energy is simply infectious. Their sound is a pleasantly unique combination of classic, timeless rock and current day pop. It’s basically the best of everything. Towards the end of their set, they played “Feed Me”, which was probably my favorite of the night. Somehow, despite having only heard this song for the first time within the last year, it has an almost nostalgic feel to it. As though it’s been a part of me, forever. It’s such a strange phenomenon. Meanwhile, lead vocalist Max Somerville’s brother was in the crowd, front row, all night. He was passionately singing along to every song throughout the set. Max himself says that his brother is by far his biggest fan and supporter and it was touching to see the night end with him joining the band on stage to sing “Only You”. And he didn’t just sing it, he owned that song. It was such an incredible end, to such an incredible set.

CVBB Set List:
The Spins
Chain Smoking
Hey Neighbor
Cut Us Down
One Night
Only Who Am I To Deny It?
She Sold Me Out
Coyote! Coyote!
Doubter’s Blues
Don’t Bring It To My Table

Wreck Loose Set List:
Trapped in the Basement
Throw My Weight Around
Long Time Listener, First Time Caller
I Do Right
Hard Drugs
Let Me Know
Heart’s Been Broken
Phil Spector Killed Someone Today
Don’t Cry
Feed Me
Only You

Wreck Loose

Chet Vincent and the Big Bend

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