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You Bred Raptors? Tonight at James Street Gastropub

What better way to reach an audience than through New York City’s subway system. That’s upward of 60,000 listeners daily. That is 5,000 less than than the capacity of Heinz Field and triple the amount of people that Consol Energy Center holds. The instrumental group You Bred Raptors?, known for their 8-stringed bass, cello, drums, and glockenspiel carved their path in just that manor.

YBR? is actually one of only a handful of bands to be licensed to perform in the subway station through the Music Under New York program. Not only does the band have an extraordinary sound they also where masks while playing. “It’s just a good theatrical thing to put on,” bassist Peat Rains says of the masks. “We don’t have vocals but we want people to see a show.”

Their peculiar name might sound familiar, as it was taken from the famous line in Jurassic Park. Continuing with that theme, each of the bands 4 albums is named after a character in the movie.

This is the groups most extensive tour to date while making their first ever stop in Pittsburgh at the James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy at 8:00 pm as part of their Grand Rap-Tour. Tickets for tonights show are only $10. Check out their official video for “Pickpocket,” below.

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