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Zoob “Curriculum Vitae” Album Review

“Curriculum Vitae”
Released March 5, 2016

Zoob’s “Curriculum Vitae” offers a highly articulate thoughtful take on the merger of folk and indie rock. A wild and carefree sensibility is present throughout the collection. Stylistically varied the songs teem with energy. Melodies possess great optimism which helps to tie the pieces together. These melodies are infinitely catchy and linger in the mind long after the songs are gone. Great color is imbued within the pieces whether it is the concise emotive strings on “S.O.S” or the giddy celebratory fanfare of “Summer Theologica.”  Throughout “Curriculum Vitae” Zoob’s vocals serve front and center, showing off his deft wordplay and compelling storytelling. His vocals convey a sense of pure earnestness as the songs give off the impression of a universal experience, one that displays a life lived to the fullest. Additionally his usage of humor serves his songs well.

A sense of  joy serves Zoob well on the passionate opener “Dirty Mind.” With a balance given between a mind less pure and forgiveness, the lyrics seem to tiptoe between either approach, seemingly joking in the need for a cleaner mind. Quieter and patient in nature is the sprawling work of “I’m Not In Love With You.”  Whispered at first the song gradually builds in intensity as Zoob adds many more layers of sound. By the song’s satisfying finale it ends a sweeping finish. At times “I’m Not In Love With You” recalls Beck’s “Sea Changes” in tone, temperament and execution. Ending the collection on a high note is the nimble soothing “Polish Gold.”

Reminiscent of the Decemberists’ insistence on clear narratives and lush instrumentation, Zoob’s “Curriculum Vitae” is an absolute pleasure.

Zoob will be celebrating the release of his ep with a sold out show at Pittsburgh Winery. If you were lucky enough to get tickets doors open at 8:30 featuring Morgan Erina, Max Somerville, Mark Dignam and Guy Russo.

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