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All Scene Entertainment Festival Preview-Liss Victory Interview

Liss Victory performed at the inaugural All Scene Entertainment Festival in 2014 as Life(Liss) and the Graveyard Orchestra, but has since moved on from that persona. Liss will be performing this Saturday the 8th from 5:50-6:35 at the small group stage. Doors open at 3:30. Check out our interview with Liss below and see photos from her 2014 performance to follow.

Sound Scene Express: You are originally from Erie, what brought you to Pittsburgh?

Liss Victory: The music scene. I came through on tour in 2013 and absolutely fell in love with the performers here and the quality of their work. It didn’t take long before I got the thought in my head that I wanted to move here. And I very distinctly remember mentioning the idea to one of the Pittsburgh musicians I admire most, Chet Vincent. To which he responded, “You should! You won’t regret it.”
And I definitely didn’t!

SSE: Are you happy with how things are going so far in Pittsburgh?

LV: I absolutely love it here! The people! The music! The opportunities! Thirty years on this planet and only since finding The Pittsburgh Art House, my current residence, have I finally felt at home.

SSE: What are your thoughts on the Pittsburgh music scene?

LV: Once I found myself physically present in the scene, I felt welcomed with open arms. Open mics are a perfect starting point, in my opinion. There, you can meet people better acquainted with the venues you want to or should be playing. And they may also be able to open those doors for you much better than, let’s say, an email or a cold call.

SSE: You previously performed as (life)Liss, why did you change to Liss Victory?

LV: Life(Liss) no longer suited my message. Liss Victory provides a more positive spin, a more positive message. And it lends itself to more accessibility. Instead of writing the sort of angsty music I grew up on and still enjoy, I found myself more interested in being a champion of hope, rather than a vessel for catharsis. And, hell, maybe my music still does both. But victory over the struggle is something I want to give everybody hope for.

SSE: You performed at the inaugural All Scene Festival, how did that go for you?

LV: I got to play with my full band from Erie, The Graveyard Orchestra, on the main stage. It was one of the best shows we ever played. We really went all out because Mr. Smalls provides international-level lights, sound, and professionalism. Having that space to run around on stage – we took full advantage. As a whole, I enjoyed my time there as an audience member, too. I bought crafts, watched amazing performances, and partied with friends.

SSE: Why did you jump on board this year as well?

LV: I’m honored that promoter Mike Zickefoose considered me for both events. It’s a show unlike any other. In a venue that’s literally a funhouse!

SSE: What do you expect from this years event?

Zickefoose really upped the ante on this one. Multiple stages, multiple floors, game tournaments, excellent lineups. I’m really impressed and I can’t wait to play this event solo. I’m certain All-Scene will significantly contribute to spreading my message of hope.

SSE: Why do you think people should come to this event, this Saturday?

LV: There’s something for everyone! Every genre of music! Comedy! Craft! Food! Alcohol! Art! Games! And the aesthetic beauty of the venue. How can one resist?

SSE: Other than your own set, what are you looking forward to the most?

LV: The Studio Stage has some of the top hip-hop picks in the scene. It’s intimate and the design is “intergalactic.” If you don’t know what I mean, I highly recommend checking it out.
Also, performer Mario Quinn just dropped his debut album and I absolutely love it. Can’t wait to see him live and solo!

SSE: Is there anything new on the horizon for Liss Victory?

LV: Plans are in the works for a full-length album with Electric Eye Recorders. I’ve been working with a couple drummers to get a band together in Pittsburgh. Also, I’m planning a solo tour on the East Coast this fall, as well as a cross-country tour with comedian Krish Mohan in January 2016.

SSE: Is there anything else you would like to add?

LV: I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without all the love and support from the amazing people I’ve met in the Pittsburgh music scene. Mike Zickefoose is one of those people. I can’t possibly name them all. But my gratitude to those people will forever remain in my heart. As will my love for the Steel City.

LIFE(Liss) and the Graveyard Orchestra 2014

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