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All Scene, All Good at Mr. Smalls

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Photos and article by Randy Jarosz
All Scene Entertainment Festival
Mr. Smalls Theater
August 2, 2014

All Scene Entertainment Festival was a celebration of the arts, with diversity ranging from music, including rock and hip hop, also featuring comedy, art, photography and film. Held under one roof, Mr. Smalls Theater was transformed into a haven for all things creative.

Mike Zickefoose a barback at Mr. Smalls on concert nights, came up with the concept to bring multiple genres together for the festival. He curated the entire evening and lineup based on personal tastes. “In working at any music venue, you get exposed to a lot of diverse music. Great music, good music, and not so good music. I basically programmed a lineup of talented local performers that I believe in, enjoy, and would want to see for myself as well as share with others,” explains Zickefoose.

Fans had a chance to explore the venue in areas that normaly wouldn’t be seen by the general public. The main stage was in the main theater area hosting acts like Balloon Ride Fantasy, The Romantic Era from Erie, PA, Life (Liss) and the Graveyard Orchestra and local rockers Daily Grind. Zickefoose found time to take a break to perform with Niki O’Brien in Willful Souls on the side stage, also in the main theater area.

Hip-hop acts and art took over the funhouse on the 2nd floor. Rapper, Reason traded rhymes with Parker Webb during a freestyle while Sikes! led an energetic set of his own. Among the many other hip hop artists, fans had plenty of options, weather it be enjoying the artwork, watching films in the theater, or taking a break from the action in the courtyard.

Up and coming comedian, Andrew Kennedy hosted the comedy side stage, introducing such comedians as John Dick Winters, Alex Stypula, Jeff Konkle, Derrick Knopsnyder, Molly Sharrow, Krish Mohan, Jessie Irvin, Tim Ross and Davon Magwood. “I knew it was possible with all the rooms and expansions to host acoustic/small group, rock-based, and hip hop performances and still have more space to play with. Adding the stand up comedy, the curated art, vendors and the film portion felt natural to include all forms of art and entertainment, and not just be an indoor music festival. In that spirit, calling the event “All-Scene” Entertainment Festival made sense and sounded correct to give off a universal idea what to expect, says Zickefoose.

With the success of the inaugural All Scene Entertainment Festival, look for a 2nd to follow in 2015. “There was positive responses throughout the day from the performers, the artists, the vendors, and the audience,” said Zickefoose. That’s about all you can ask for from a first year festival.

Balloon Ride Fantasy

Reason and guests

Willful Souls


The Romantic Era

Pittsburgh Comedians

Life (Liss) and the Graveyard Orchestra

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