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Alot & Alot “& Alot” Album Review

soundsceneexpress December 30, 2015 No Comments on Alot & Alot “& Alot” Album Review

Alot & A lot
“& A lot”
Released December 15

Energetic and triumphant, Alot & Alot’s playfully titled “& Alot” is an absolute joy. Melodic and pristine the album is carefully crafted with the attention to detail astounding. Lyrically the songs are quite masterful as they unfold revealing compelling narratives. At times Alot & Alot are reminiscent of a kinder Modest Mouse as the songs are dense, complex, and deeply fulfilling. Stylistically Alot & Alot run the gamut from the gentle ambient “Season” interludes to the elegant chamber pop of “Less Jokes” all the way to the distortion of “Cops.”

After the sleepy nocturnal opener “Tem’s Tent” things get considerably busier on the colorful “Real Bad Dream.” Complete with a powerful rhythm and catchy hooks the song sets the tone for much of what follows. On “Couch/Cot” Alot & Alot opt for a hyperactive poppy approach, with the fluorescent-hued finale of lovely synthesizer tones added as a nice touch. By far the highlight of the album is the dramatic swirl of “Dadillac (Junk Yard Dad).” Everything in this song is perfect from the bombast to the volume to the beautiful buildup whose finale is particularly satisfying. Going for a larger palette on “Real Nice Dream” the song is quite expansive showing off their impressive chops. Closing things off on a mellow note is the comfort groove of “Tem’s Secrets.”

Clever, concise, and clear-eyed, Alot & Alot’s “& Alot” shows indie rock at its finest. Full of hope, the album challenges the notion that indie rock has to be a sad affair. With “& Alot” Alot & Alot show that brilliance can be playful. You can hear the album by Nick DeAngelo and Thomas Cipollone of Grand Piano along with Tony Tate at


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