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Behind the lens with Zach Nellis at The Pub Underground

w/ Lance Bangs,
Silver Car Crash
& Mason Loots
Pub Underground
January 5, 2016

Photos and words by Zach Nellis

I didn’t originally plan on covering this show just because I found out about it last minute and I have done a lot with the Denzell guys in the past few months. But when I heard that this would be the first show for a new bar in Oakland, and that a band named after Lance Bangs (music video director and jackass crew member) that has an album named after Lance Mountain (OG bones brigade skater) I figured it would be beneficial for everyone. So I bundled up and hit the road for the Pub Underground which is conveniently located right next to the taco stand on Atwood Street.

I got to the Pub to find some zells eating tacos outside. As they scarfed down the last of their pre show meal we took the stairs down past the big neon sign into the Pub Underground. The place already had what looked like some Pitt students hanging out, drinking some Panther huggies aka huggies with vodka. Frank from Denzell was running sound for the night so he got everything up and running for the firs act, Mason Loots. Mason was a nice chill way to ease into the Panther huggie fueled night. I would assume Mason was also a Pitt student, because one of his songs revolved around the struggle of wanting to work hard and do well in school to put yourself in a better position for your future but also kind of just wanting to drink and chill and not worry about stuff like that.

After Mason finished up, Silver Car Crash started got all set up and tuned. These local Pittsburgh dudes were pretty cool. I already liked them before they started playing because their guitarist handed me my debit card that I left at the bar like a dingus. So not only are they nice guys but they can also shred too. Their set was pretty fun, fast paced indie punk. Keep an eye out for these guys this summer, I feel like they’ll be playing in many of the local music festivals and probably some more bars and basements, definitely worth checking out.

Only a few minutes after Silver Car Crash finished up, Lance Bangs (the band not the guy) walked through the door with all their equipment. Apparently they got into a little fender bender on their way in, so they were running behind but at least they made it in one piece and with time to have a few beers and jam. It didn’t take long for them to get set up and kick off their set which sounded awesome. They have pretty cool laid back indie sound with some simple but catchy and kind of sad lyrics.

Denzell wrapped up the night with another awesome set as well. It came with plenty of yuenglings, dancing around, and switching of instruments. The boys are currently doing some recording at Howlers in Bloomfield so hopefully they’ll have a new single ready to hit the internet soon. All-in-all the first show at Pub Underground was a hit. Everyone seemed to have a good time and there was a lot of cool music, which will hopefully be happening more in the future. So if you are a local act looking to book a cool new venue or if you are just looking to enjoy some tacos, panther huggies, and music you should check it out.

Band Info:

Lance Bangs (VA) –

Silver Car Crash (PGH) –

Denzell (PGH) –

Mason Loots (PGH) – couldn’t find anything so you’ll have to hit him up on Facebook or something

Lance Bangs


Silver Car Crash

Mason Loots

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