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Bombino thrills at Thunderbird Café

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Bombino Concert Review
November 27, 2013
Thunderbird Café

Photos and review by Randy Jarosz

For those in attendance Wednesday night, November 27th, it was evident that it was going to be a special evening. Thunderbird Café was the setting that hosted Omara Moctar better known as “Bombino.” An international act that blew up with the release of the group’s latest effort “Nomad.” The April 2013 release was produced by The Black Keys Dan Auerbach, who discovered Bombino from a video clip and later was a recommended listen by a friend. The Agadez, Niger native is a member of the Tuareg people, a nomadic tribe of the Sahara Dessert.

The intimate venue was bursting at the seams with fans waiting to here Bombino’s alluring guitar riffs. The set began shortly before 10 PM with an acoustic set from Bombino, dressed in a blue robe and white scarf wrapped around his neck, along with bassist Kildjate Moussa Albade, Mohamed Emoud Atchinguel on a Djembe and later rhythm guitar while Corey Wilhelm pitched in on drum duties. The band was greeted early with a fan shouting “Welcome to Pittsburgh Bombino,” during the 25 minute mini set. The crowd really got moving when Bombino switched to electric guitar, starting with the song “Her Tenere.” With no written set list the group weaved from one song to the next, each one gaining more energy from a band that fed off of Bombino’s vivacity. Bombino was like a modern day Elvis, shaking his hips while playing his Cort 250 Guitar like his hero Jimi Hendrix. Bombino could feel the love from his audience often looking as if he wanted to thank each one of them but refraining because of the language barrier. Instead you would see him cover his heart with his hand, flashing a big smile. Bombino took the 3 minute and 49 second “Imuhar,” and turned it into an 8 minute jam session before playing hit, “Amidinine.”

Bombino didn’t hold anything back as sweat poured off of his guitar and onto the floor. He put everything on the line making sure that the casual fan was a follower after his intense show. After killing it on harmonica Billy Wylder thanked everyone on behalf of Bombino stating, “Where ever you come from, where ever you are going, we are all one here tonight. Take this energy and forward it to tomorrow and the days ahead.”

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