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Denzell “Destroy The Lizard Man EP” Review

Destroy The Lizard Man EP
Released January 11, 2016

DENZELL’s “Destroy The Lizard Man EP” rushes through with gleeful abandon. More than anything this is fun, a kind of sunny inviting fun. Tempos are brought to their absolute threshold. Guitars riff in contorted colorful ways. Drums bash their way through everything. A delightful kind of noise results from all this chaos. Underneath the huge dollops of distortion, the wild uninhibited spirit, there are truly catchy hooks. While hidden at times they appear to emerge towards the surface of things hinting at a band that seems to be far better at creating a bizarre form of pop, something they would clearly never fully admit. Samples are strewn across the collection helping to add to the more than healthy amount of humor that seems to pervade the collection. Odd angular sounds, shouted vocals, and clever lyrics at times make DENZELL reminiscent of Siltbreeze’s vast catalog, particularly The Yips.

Jumping right into it is the crazed maniac energy of “Super Super.” Quite appealing “Super Super” is quite tender in tone with a sense of warmth radiating out of it. On “Dick Alpert” DENZELL goes for a larger sound though at moments they tone things down revealing a gentler side. By far the wildest thing is the group shouted “Asteroid Rock” where the song keeps on swinging through without any stops whatsoever. Ending things on a hazy note is the passionate “Walk Backwards.”

Brilliant and brash, DENZELL’s “Destroy The Lizard Man EP” is a perfected piece of punk, full of sharp edges and sweet sounds. If you don’t believe it check them out for yourself at

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