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soundsceneexpress November 23, 2015 No Comments on DREAM PHONE “DREAM PHONE” Album Review

Dream Phone
“Dream Phone”
Released September 12, 2015

Sun drenched and awash in hazy fuzz, Dream Phone embodies the best of garage rock. The lo-fi aesthetic adds warmth to their already inviting sound giving their infinitely catchy melodies greater depth. Vocal harmonies are pitch-perfect emphasizing their retro stylings. Keeping true to this sound is the dusty emotive keyboard work of Lisa Christopher, the light effective bass work of Steph Wolf, and the celebratory percussion of Carrie Battle. Band interplay is enormously impressive and their work in previous bands is immediately obvious. They listen to each other, playing off of each other creating a full-bodied fully realized sound.

Opening the album off on a playful rollicking note is the call and response led “Mind Reader.” By far the highlight of the album is the dog days of summer work of “Bloomfield Beach.” With a relaxed air reminiscent of Real Estate’s dreamy vibes, the piece radiates a sense of calm. Tapping into the comforting post-punk spirit of LiLiPUT is the tender love song “Someone to Love.” Raw in tone is the stripped down sound of “Night Wolf” with a neon-hued late night vibe courtesy of a slinky groove and infinitely playful keyboard. Ending the album off with a classic rock kick is the self-assured blast of “Yellow Moon.”

Whether they are going for the giddiness of “Mind Reader” or the chilled out “Bloomfield Beach,” they do it with true style and grace. Dream Phone’s summery surf rock inflected jams are stunning. You can catch bassist and lead vocalist Steph Wolf with her other band, The Lopez, this Friday, November 27 at the “Please Let Me Wonder: A Tribute to Brian Wilson” benefit concert presented by Red Buffalo Illustration at Spirit in Lawrenceville. Check out the other acts on the flier below.

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