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A great Saturday for local music

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Meeting of Important People, with Wreck Loose and Andre Costello and the Cool Miners
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It was Feb. 1st, 2014 at 9:00pm. A cold wind curled around Priscilla, whipping the hem of her smart brown trench coat. Her heels clacked a sharp Morse code down the uneven cobblestone streets–twice she tripped in her hurry, but she soon recovered her gait and continued her sprint. She’d be damned if she was going to miss this show. Not THIS show.

The street lamps shone their yellow light, washing out the moons sickly glow. Priscilla’s shadow grew and shrank as she made her halting way past the shops and bars that dotted Penn Avenue. In her head was the refrain that became almost a mantra in its repetition: “please let me make it on time, please let me make it on time.”

In the distance she saw it, lit up like a beacon in the night. It was the Brillo Box, Lawrenceville’s premier music and dance venue. Her lungs burning, her legs straining, Priscilla ran the final few yards to the bar’s front door and collapsed. There, in the doorway was a sign that seemed to mock her. “Meeting of Important People w/ Wreck Loose and Costello and the Cool Minors,” it said, “is sold out” Priscilla’s eyes started to water as she realized the awful truth–she was going to miss the best show in the history of Pittsburgh music.

Don’t be like Priscilla. Get to Brillo early on Feb. 1st to secure your spot for this incredible line-up. Meeting of Important People are tearing it UP with their good friends in Wreck Loose and Andr√© Costello and the Cool Minors. It’s an unmissable night and EVERYONE’S gonna be there, so you better too!

Snow Ball Festival
A Mid-Winter Music Extravaganza!

2 floors. 10+ bands. $10.

Saturday, February 1st at Cattivo in Lawrenceville.

The Schedule for this year’s Snow Ball!

Doors open at 5:30pm

Upstairs Stage: Pandemic Pete DJs
6:00 pm – Boon
6:40 pm – Elliott Sussman
7:25 pm – Charlie Hustle & The Grifters
8:00 pm – Vertigo Go
9:00 pm – Son of Bitch
10:00 pm – Mother Hawk
11:00 pm – Chet Vincent & The Big Bend
12:00 am – Lungs Face Feet
1:00 am – The Cheats

Downstairs Stage: Zombo DJs
6:15 pm – Chrome Moses
7:00 pm – Faithful Sinners
8:00 pm – Allegheny Rhythm Rangers
9:00 pm – The Armadillos
10:00 pm – The Shelf Life String Band
11:00 pm – Bastard Bearded Irishmen
12:00 am – Thunder Vest
1:00 am – Solarburn

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