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HughShows 10.6 Live @ Eide’s

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Summer is upon us and there are 101 different ways you could probably spend your Saturday afternoon. I could also probably give you 101 different reasons why you should go see HughShows Live @ Eide’s. Instead I have narrowed it down to the top 5.

Air conditioning– What better way to beat the heat than catching FREE music at a record store, while others are in the sticky, blistering temperatures?

Talent– Some of the most talented musicians in all of Pittsburgh gather every 2nd Saturday for the remainder of the year at HughShows Live @ Eide’s, and it’s FREE.

Good Cause– Hugh is accepting donations on behalf of the Homeless Children’s Education Fund. You can give a monetary donation of cash or brand new school supplies and feel good about yourself.

It’s FREE– Are you kidding me? Nothing is for free these days and you can bring the kids.

Hugh– He’s been supporting live music and the local scene for 10 years, now it’s time to show your support for this local music legend.

HughShows 10.6 live @ Eide’s featured some great music once again with the Hawkeyes, Molly Alphabet and Triggers.

Molly Alphabet is a country music singer from Lawrenceville. It’s hard to believe a city girl could sing better than most country girls but, she nails classics like Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried,” and Loretta Lynn’s “You ain’t Women Enough (To Take my Man).” Along with keeping country classics alive, she plays originals like “Daddy Took too Much Medicine,” a song you could imagine Johnny Cash singing back in his heyday. Molly trades lyrics with Chet Vincent on the Hank Williams Sr. tune “Settin’ the Woods on fire,” complete with Kazoo. To finish their set Molly and Chet did a duet of Wilco’s “Forget the Flowers,” from the album “Being There,” from Hugh’s list of top 50 albums.

Triggers finished up the evening with their first ever acoustic show, starting with the song “The Day, The Hour,” and jumping immediately into Paul and Linda McCartney’s “Ram On,” from the album “Ram,” from Hugh’s top 50 list.
Continuing on the band played a dreamy version of “Lazy Bones,” from their recent EP “What Part of Stranger’s Don’t You Understand? Their short set also pulled from their debut album “Smoke Show,” with “Anyone at Anytime,” and “Hotel Parry.” Triggers snuck in one last song from Hugh’s top 50 album list with “Loving Cup,” from the Rolling Stones “Exile on Main St., which prompted a Hugh sing-a-long.

Molly Alphabet @ HughShows

Triggers @ HughShows

Hugh @ HughShows

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