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Local Indie Pop Duo Sad Girls Aquatics Club Release Their First Music Video for “Oh Billy”

After dropping their debut album Vodkawine to widespread acclaim at the end of 2018, local indie pop duo Sad Girls Aquatics Club (Chelsea Rumbaugh and Marie Mashyna) haven’t exactly been resting on their laurels. In addition to gearing up for live performances once the weather gets warmer, they’ve also been working on a music video or two. Today they’re releasing their very first one, for the album’s second track, “Oh Billy.”

Much like the song, the video is quirky, high-energy, and fun. It features Rumbaugh and Mashyna in multiple funky outfits, dancing and singing in various locations around Pittsburgh: in parks, in front of (and occasionally on top of) sculptures, against the backdrop of a colorful graffiti-covered bridge underside, and on train tracks. Director Zack Eisenfeld makes charming use of on-beat video editing effects, such as cloning to put multiple versions of the women throughout a scene, fast motion to give a sense of urgency and/or silliness, and motion loops to drive a movement home. There’s even some green screen fun during the guitar solo. But I won’t go spoiling everything here.

Occasional solemn moments (such as Rumbaugh and Mashyna hugging and looking at the camera in front of the big yellow sculpture in Frank Curto Park) hint at the underlying sadness of the song’s subject matter—a recently-departed romantic interest. But overall, the video captures a sense of lighthearted vulnerability, and does so excellently. You can tell they’re not taking themselves too seriously, and that’s a key part of what makes it so enjoyable to watch. Keep an eye out for the moment when they pose, drinks in hand, in the exact position captured on the Vodkawine cover. It’s a nice bit of artistic consistency.

“Oh Billy” is a strong debut music video from one of Pittsburgh’s most exciting new acts. You can watch it below. My full review of Vodkawine can be found here. And follow along with Sad Girls Aquatics Club directly if you don’t already.

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