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Moemaw Naedon “Travel Through” Album Review

Moemaw Naedon
“Travel Through”
Released March 12, 2016

Sly and smooth, Moemaw Naedon’s “Travel Through” is a stylish surreal journey. The entire collection uses a plethora of samples effortlessly woven together into a kaleidoscope of sound. At times these rich colorful samples are reminiscent of Daedelus’s emphasis on the jazzier elements of sound. Flourishes abound throughout the album as small details are magnified, every melody and slight nuance is amplified. By taking on this approach Moemaw Naedon is able to grow the songs organically giving the album a loose, playful feeling.

Rhythms are infectious and inviting, showing great flexibility. Serving as the heart of the album is the undeniably strong lyricism of Moemaw Naedon which at times is impressively poetic. Moemaw Naedon manages to cover quite a deal of different styles from the relative heaviness of “Launch Pad” to the laid-back dusty grooves of “A Quarter Day Ago.”

Clear and concise is the album opener “Idle at the Edge” whose beats are pure perfection. A strong bass drives the soothing “Launch Pad.” Eerie in tone is the expansive and ambitious work of “Travel Through.” On “Travel Through” Moemaw Naedon creates a compelling narrative. Brash and bold is the powerful “The Digital Wolf.” Moving away from this intensity is the jazz fusion sound of “T.F.F.T.T.” led by a glistening piano sample. Ending things on a joyful note is the bubbly sound of “From The Start.”

Immaculately produced by Billy Hoyle, Moemaw Naedon’s “Travel Through” is a bright beautiful album full of clever twists and turns.

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