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MOIP Release Highly Anticipated Album

soundsceneexpress February 29, 2016 No Comments on MOIP Release Highly Anticipated Album

Meeting of Important People
Troika Album Release
Thunderbird Cafe
February 26, 2016

3 years and 7 months is how long Josh Verbanets, Aaron Bubenheim, and Matt Miller have kept fans of Meeting of Important People waiting for a new album. February 26 broke that streak with the first of two album release concerts at the Thunderbird Cafe. The band had a fool proof way to trick mother nature just in case she decided to dump a foot of snow on the city, by making the event a two night stand. Fortunately the trio didn’t have to worry about that and packed the venue both nights.

Fans don’t realize the trials and tribulations a band can go through as long as these guys have been together. You can almost compare a band to a marriage sometimes, but in MOIP’s case there is a third person involved. “We have really stuck it out, the same three friends playing together for almost a decade now through all these different stages in our lives. There have been years where we weren’t sure we could keep going, and it makes this album feel even better. Troika is the most work we have put into a project, and everyone really brought their A-game,” said Verbanets, lead guitarist and vocalist.

Troika was a complete effort by the three guys with completely new material written for this one. In the past the band re-worked old tunes from Verbanets old bands The You and Lohio. “It’s literally a snapshot of everything we’ve felt, all the changes in our lives since the last album four years ago. So anything ‘old’ was ruled out, and about half of Troika was written in the months leading up to recording.”

Each fan who walked through the door Friday and Saturday received a free physical copy of the album with the hopes of reaching as many people as possible rather than only selling 50 copies at the merch table said Verbanetts. The physical copy is now for sale but the digital download at will be pay what you want.

Album release shows always bring an added excitement from both the band and fans. Friday and Saturday was no different. New songs were introduced like “MOIP Intro” and “Take Action,” where the band expanded to a bigger sound with the talented Cara Garofalo on violin and Joe Badaczewski on trumpet. Old favorites like “I Know Every Street In This Town,” dedicated to everyone’s yinzer uncle, and Brittney Lane Don’t Care,” are mainstays at a MOIP live show. Fans were even treated to a new cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way.” If you chose to go Saturday night you were treated to a few more tunes including 2015’s single “All Rode Off Together,” and “Only Half Grown.”

If you are just taking notice of the trio, perfect timing. You will see a whole lot of the guys, from street corners, to big stages in 2016. To top it off this is some of their best work yet.

“This album is a true collaboration with the other two guys in the band, and maybe the most creative period of writing i’ve ever had since my early 20’s,” admits Verbanets.

You can see MOIP March 18 for Delcicious Pastries EP release show at Spirit and April 8 at Pittsburgh Winery with Brooke Annibale.

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