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No Person “America.” Album Review

soundsceneexpress February 18, 2016 No Comments on No Person “America.” Album Review

No Person
Released January 12, 2016

No Person’s “America.” is punk perfected. Keeping to the absolute essentials their ‘stripped down’ works wonders. Brandon’s piercing vocals alongside his nimble yet effective guitar work helps to give the entire album an edge. Nicely accompanying the balance between the chaotic and mellow are the impeccable grooves that dominate the album. With Jesse on drums and Mark on bass, the songs move forward at a spirited pace. The entire sound recalls a more accessible direct and immediate approach to songwriting, eschewing any sort of multiple layers. By opting for this open sound No Person creates an honest sound, which accompanies the thoughtful lyricism found throughout the album. Woven together into a coherent whole, the songs possess a sense of play that defines the album.

After the sudden rush of sound on “There’s A Fine Line Between Heaven and Here” the song’s insistent rhythm makes it one of the album highlights. Full of anxiety, the song’s veering between the taut and the crazed make it particularly satisfying. Giddy in tone is the tense work of “You Only Get Two” where the deadpan delivery helps to emphasize the song’s sense of urgency. Easily the highlight of the album is the absolute rush of “It’s Not You, It’s Culture” where the amps are turned all the way up, with the rhythms swinging and nothing letting up at all. “Anthology: The Righteous, The Innocuous and The Capitalist” ends the album off on a poignant note, as it slowly unfurls.

On “America” No Person references an earlier, less poppy and more passionate form of punk. The result is a kind of sound that teems with unrestrained energy and deep insight. You can catch No Person March 26 at Smiling Moose with The Filthy Lowdown, Sexy Teenagers and Stept In Dogshit. The 21+ show starts at 10pm for only $7.

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