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Pittsburgh Musicians Band Together for Bloom-Fest, Anti Racism

Poster by Jordan Wong
Preview by Randy Jarosz

January 16

The Bloom-Fest name is taken from the neighborhood in which the fest resides, but there is a greater meaning altogether. A bloom, represents growth, change, birth, a new beginning and it embodies life. You also may interpret the term bloom as equality, prosperity or unity.

On Friday local musicians will join together to rock out against racism. After recent controversy involving racially insensitive remarks, musicians Chet Vincent, James Hart and comedian Davon Magwood were looking to do something positive, by raising awareness through music. The guys approached Mary Jo Coll, who does the booking at Howlers Coyote Cafe, about doing a show there.

“At first we were just going to do a show at Howlers. Within 24-48 hours, so many local musicians and bands wanted to be part of it, that we decided to reach out to the other Bloomfield venues to see who had the date open, and if they would be willing to open their doors. Surprisingly, with very little notice, they all had January 16th open,” recalls Coll.

An event like this could take months to plan, but with Coll’s expertise and connections the event came together in about 3 weeks. Coll has had her hand in Lawrenceville’s day long R.A.N.T. Festival and other smaller events in the past.

Both Coll and Davon Magwood are not surprised by the overwhelming support. “Pittsburghers usually support their own. We just need that attitude to be a more common thing,” says Magwood. Coll explains, “I knew that the local music community is a diverse but supportive bunch and always willing to do good things in this city. Especially on this issue.”

Wristbands can be purchased for the event for $10 at Howlers today or at any of the venues on Friday. All proceeds from the festival will go to “We Change Pittsburgh,” a relatively new organization dedicated to the fight for racial equality and social justice. They are also sponsors and organizers of the Martin Luther King Day, mass march against racist wars abroad and at home, in Pittsburgh, on January 19th.

Schedule May Change Before Event

Runaway Studios
7 pm – LRad
7:30 pm – Morgan Erina
8:00pm – ArloAldo
8:30 – Yungn Voorheez
9:00 – Proper People
9:40 – Sun Hound
10:15 – Crystal Lee Morgan
10:45 – Semi Supervillains

The Shop
7:pm -Stoph Edison
7:30ish – The Me Toos
8:00 – The Neffs
8:55 – Pharah Phitted
9:30 – The Chad Sipes Stereo
10:00 – Paddy the Wanderer

8pm – Davon Magwood (and as host)
8:30 – Guy Alexander Russo
9:10 – Roger Harvey
9:45 – Jeremy Caywood and The Way of Life
10:15 – Ricky Moslen & Friends
10:45 – Devin Moses & The Saved
11:30- Bad Custer
12:15- Chrome Moses

Bloomfield Bridge Tavern
Host – Dillon Wilson
8 pm – Ben Valasek
8:30ish – Seth Pfannenschmidt (or his band)
9:15 – Good Thing
9:45 – 1Hood
10:20 – Standing Wave
11ish – Coronado
11:45- – Working Breed

Howlers Coyote Cafe
Gene Stovall hosts
8pm – Gene Stovall
8:30 – Phat Man Dee
9- Andre Costello, James Hart and Ghost Guts (They have an hour to do stuff in various formations)
10ish – Wreck Loose
10:45 – Chet Vincent & The Big Bend
11:30ish- Misaligned Mind
12:15- DJ 7Up

Poppy’s Bistro and Pub (ex D’amicos)
@Nortex as host
8:00 pm Adam Merulli
8:30 Self Cyphadeen
9:00 – Devine Seven
9:30 – Bill Jasper Acoustics
10:00 pm – Ferdinand the Bull
10:30 – Charlie Hustle & the Grifters
11:10- The Lopez
11:45 The Wire Riots

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